MEDDO first carving attempts with #11

I wanted to try this for some time.  I found this section of the site and decided to try my hand.  I only have a crude non-variable speed dremel so will be only using scalpel blades and maybe chisels as I carve.  Recently Bob (username rafine) started up a build of the same ship I am building but using the Lumberyards framing package.  I saw the pieces that were included in the package and was comparing them to my resin castings.  The LSS did a good job but I "may" be able to do better if I practice a bunch.  


Here we go...


As I wait for the glue to dry I started messing around with the blank




Oops, not following the grain...




Decided to try a stop cut and thinning



How about a railing post???




Here is the LSS Halifax resin castings... Maybe just maybe...




More to come once crown is dry...

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First attempt.  Need to work on stop cuts a bit more.  One thing I found is that the blades I have get dull pretty fast.  Blades were super cheep so not too much a problem.



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