Rigging Period Fore-And_Aft Craft

I recently ordered Rigging Period Fore-And-Aft Craft by Lennarth Petersson.  I picked it up from Amazon in the paperback edition for about $24.00.  I would highly recommend this book, especially for anyone new to ship modeling that may be confused by the multitude of rigging lines.


It’s 111 pages long with about 200 diagrams that clearly show you where each separate item of both standing and running rigging lines are fitted, led, and belayed.  The book is divided into three 18th century ship types.  The first one is an English 18 gun naval cutter similar to the Expedition.  The second section is a French 8 gun 3 masted lugger similar to the Le Coureur.  The last section deals with a 2 masted American schooner similar to the Experiment.


The book clearly illustrates the details of the connections of the various lines including their attachment points and tackle arrangements.  I found it to be well worth the investment.  As a matter of fact I plan on getting a copy of his previous book Rigging Period Ship Models.

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