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Santísima Trinidad by Sjors - OcCre - 1:90

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Very nice progress Sjors with the planking, and very brave to not do double planking!  So no stripes?  At the stern I wonder if you will need to do a little spiling or thinning to get the planks to sit properly around the sharp angle at the stern.  Otherwise the planks may become harder and harder to bend until its impossible, but of course it is difficult to judge with only seeing pictures.

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Sjors, I have been worried about you! I have been following your SOS build, but noticed that you were not posting with the same degree of regularity that I had become accustomed to with some of your prior builds. That said, I accidentally stumbled on on this ST building log so the mystery is solved...and I am delighted to know that you are well and happily building! I must admit, however, I do not know how you manage two major builds simultaneously...no doubt you are incredibly organized and patient. Cheers! Donn  

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Thanks Jason.


I will see how to go at the stern.

At the moment I'm busy with the rubbing strikes.

I do it now because now I can use clamps.

When that is done I will see what to do with the rest of the planking.

And single planking is not brave but ...... ( fill in your self ):)

I have to do it right otherwise it's gonna be double planking.

But then I need to buy some wood.


@ Donn,


I'm stil around.

Not that much as I want to but that has other reasons.

As I told Jason, busy with all kinds of planks.





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The rubbing strakes are on........

At the bow not a problem but at the stern, don't talk me about it.

But it is done.

I know that I have to do some modification on that but that wil be done when i finished the hull planking.

I also put the frames and gunport lids.

Now I can put het at every side that I want and has no fear to damage something.

Only the starboard side is done and now I will go to the port side.

After that planking again.



Rubbing strakes and gunport lids.jpg

Rubbung strakes and gunport lids.jpg

Open gunport lid.jpg

Rubbing strakes bow.jpg

Rubbing strakes stern.jpg

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Thanks Martyn and Popeye,




It is not so stunning as it looks at the moment.

I just love the sanding paper and sandingmachine......

I try to bend the wood but 3 planks will not bend at all an the next one will.

So i'm happy that i have enough wood to break......




You are staying to long away to see if there is a lot of progress 😆😆😄

By the time you will take a look again, she will be finished  🙃😁😆😀☺️😃



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Hi Elijah,

A little progress.....

Yes ,i did.

It was for me easier to do it this way.

I can turn her upside down or backwarts or forward or putting her on her head or bottom without damaging the hull.

Only the frames a little 🙂

And it give me a nice different look at the two kinds of wood that I'm using.






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Because we are gonna have a new computer this evening a quick update.

The hull is closed.

It was not an easy job and I must say that it is not the best hull planking.

Only because it's single planking !

But I'm satisfied and I will keep it this way.

For now pictures of the planking without the tung oil.

Later this week the pictures with the tung oil.



Hull closed.JPG

Bow closed.JPG

Stern closed.JPG

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