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Tools You Can't Live Without

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Tools I can't live without 



1 digital calipers,


2 long arm adjustable magnifying lamp,


3 stand for holding plans


the calipers I use are not expensive ones as used for fine machining so I don't have to worry about dropping them and losing there fine calibration so I just use a simple Harbor Fright brand


the magnifying lamp I use has a long adjustable spring loaded arm (4 feet long) with a bright neon circular light that has a 6 x magnifying glass in the center (5") simply clamps to work bench.


the stand I use for holding the planes and notes is a aluminum I . V stand (as the ones used in hospitals) with the 3 rolling wheels, modified with simple wood dowels that adjust to size with simple small spring loaded clamps.



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Well I guess I am the only Bourbon or Sour Mash drinker. Scotch gives me an aweful headache. Even the $40 a shot super brand.


I will pass on one tired piece of advice. Alcohol and tools, especially power don't make for a safe environment. My lovely wife knows never to talk to me while have a motor running. I just can't multitask any more at my age. After work, well that's another story.


Be safe



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