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Plastic model Navy ship enthusiast

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Hi, let me introduce my self. My name is Brian and as I have gotten older I have found my love for our vets has grown. I have 4 family members who have served in the military. 3 in the navy and 1 in the army. I wanted to join the navy but due to vision issues I could not fallow in my family's service path. I am a huge WWII Pacific navy war buff. I had the honor of going to Pearl Harbor in 2016 and meeting a survivor at the memorial. I was so moved that I had to find a way to express my love for them. I decided to get into modeling. I know most of you are into the sailing ships but the project I am undertaking is about honor and love for all that served to keep us free. In honor of my family I am building the ships they served on accompanied by a tribute photo of them displayed with the model. In total I will be trying to build 15 ships, from the 8 battle ships in Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 1941 the 3 aircraft carriers Yorktown, Lexington, and Hornet. Along with the USS Missouri BB-63, USS Alabama BB-60 USS, Antietam CV-36 and the USS Coral Sea CV-43  I have already built the F4U-4 Corsair which my father was assigned to as a munitions specialist and gave it to him on fathers day.

I am now working on the USS Antietam. I have run into a issue with her color scheme. The instruction color call out sheet is not correct. So I decided to wing it. The trouble I am having is all the pictures of her are in black and white. I have searched the internet for the correct colors for the flight deck, hull, guns, vertical, and deck, and am finding a wide range of opinions. Does anyone know where to find the correct scheme for her in 1953? I really appreciate any input.

Thank you




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Hi, Brian. I can't answer your question, but I will welcome you to the forum. It's true we don't have as many steel navy enthusiasts as some other sites, but we do have a few, as you can see in the build logs, and we encourage modeling ships of every era and in most any medium.



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Welcome to MSW Brian! While I cannot help you on the color problems, I can say that I would love to see some of your work. Best of luck on your current and future builds!

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Brian, you might look here: http://www.shipcamouflage.com/usn_cv.htm

This lists all the camo schemes for USN CVs in WWII. Antietam ended the war in Measure 21. Click on the yellow MS 21 and you will see what surfaces get painted what colors. Essentially Navy Blue 5-N, which is the designation of the formula used for that paint. However, sometime in 1945, USN started substituting Haze Gray for Navy Blue.  May have to delve into the ship's history for when and if it was painted gray versus blue.

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