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Where is the host State flag flown as the Tallship enters its waters/port? Is it the gaff on the mizzen driver?

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Dear popeye2sea thank you very much for your quick and very helpfull response. Ok I hot it... but still wondering is the picture here of Hermione visiting usa showing a wrong protocol... io are maybe different protocols?


Please if you are so kind and come back again with some clarification on this




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It is not wrong.  The ship is just equipped differently.  She has a flagstaff on the tafferail.  The general rule is the ships National Ensign will be flown aft of all the others. Specific locations of flags are determined by the configuration of the rig.  And the protocol for a single masted vessel will necessarily be different from a three masted ship. Naval vessels flag protocols can get pretty complicated with respect to locations of host nation, command and visiting dignitary flags.  You have to consult the publications to determine whose flag takes precedence in order to determine where to fly it.



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I know on the schooners I sail on the State flag is always on the Starboard side of the mainmast and the city is on Port. Even if you are offshore it's good etiquette to have the appropriate flag flying. The ensign flys from the main Gaff Peak. There are flag hailyards on the foremast but those fly the flag of the Museum that owns the schooners and an education organization that is associated with the ships.




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