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Ropewalks, again..

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Hello modelers,


I just read about "which Ropewalk is the best" from Doc, if you don't mind I have a couple of questions pertaining to the technique.


Do you use the ropewalk for all lines, or just the standing rigging?


I don't understand yet about the sizes.  Thicker single thread for thicker scale, heavy duty ropes? 


If a single thread is needed for, let's say a 0.8mm size line on a ship,  which size thread for instance is used with a ropewalk for the same diameter size.  In other words, if a 0.8mm line is needed, how is the thread size for the ropewalk determined?


Thanks in advance, this really interests me.




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In one of the rope making posts, someone said that if you are laying 3 strand rope, you will get a product that is twice the diameter of the individual strand. So, if you want a finished diameter of 0.50 mm, starting with a 0.2 mm strand would probably get you close. Remember, the tighter you wind the strands and the rope, the narrower the diameter of the finished product.


Hope this helps

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