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Hi I'm a new member.


 I built a couple of Billings models when l was younger, one with the help of my father.

About the time I married I started building a Dikar model of the Roger B Taney, but when we moved to our 2nd house, driven by birth of our second child the model got put away and left untouched for 30 years.


My kids are out of the house now and I'm retiring at the end of the year. I looked for and found the kit and was rummaging through it, thought it was probably time I returned to it. In my rummaging trying to figure out what step I had left off I had questions. Thinking google might be able to help I stumbled on your site and decided to sign myself up.


My question. Does anyone out there have a set of instructions that include figure 29 and 29a that shows you how to assemble the deck house. They seem to have referenced these figures in my instruction set but neglected to actually include them. Can anyone help me out?



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Hello Cooey, and a warm welcome to MSW.


If no-one can help with the instructions, perhaps when you start a build log you could post some photos of the parts.  I'm sure some of our kit builders would be able to offer helpful suggestions.



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Welcome to MSW! Good to have you with us. As suggested already, start up a build log and post some pictures of where you are at and of what the finished piece looks like if it is shown well on the box. We have many experienced builders that might have built her or are good with scratch building that might be able to give you some tips to create it.

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