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Syren vs Irma

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Hi Harley -

The important thing right now is that YOU and your family stay safe.  The ship models can always be replaced.  I have been watching TV news regarding the hurricane and it looks and sounds very bad.  God be with you.



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I might as well chime in here. Good to hear that most fared fairly well. We, my wife Gwen and I, came through unharmed without any damage to home or property. Just a lot of tree debris from the surrounding trees in neighbor's yards. Took two days to clear our yard but we are ready to go. Were without power for two days, lost three of my koy fish, have just two left. My router took a hit and could not communicate when the power finally came back on. Used the Android phone sparingly for the in case emergency calls. My Surabaya model was safe in the garage, had no other place to store it. So yes, we lucked out.



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Good to read you're safe, Piet my friend. That was a nasty storm. It's effects up here in the WNC mountains was debris and flooding of some spots. Me, I just had some debris.

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A 2-3 week stay in CT last July turned into 2 months.  We got home 10PM Monday. 


During that time Irma came to visit.  We found a local news station live broadcast on YouTube and for 5 days we were glued to the TV.  We are on the Gulf Coast and early predictions had the storm running up the east coast.  Then predictions moved to the center of the state.  Every time we turned on the news it got worse.  About 12 hours before the storm hit it looked like we were right in the path.  Last time a hurricane eye passed over our city was in 2004, Hurricane Charley, packing 140 MPH winds.  Tons of wind damage but no storm surge.  This time they were predicting 6-9 feet, worst case scenario, above ground.  That meant our house would be almost completely submerged.


The predictions had Irma either plowing right over us or moving a bit to the west which would have increased the storm surge.  We figured we'd lose everything.  We didn't even have the chance to save irreplaceables. 


Inexplicably, Irma started moving east.  By the time the eye was even with us it was about 10-15 miles east.  We figured we'd have a lot of wind damage but hopefully the storm surge wouldn't happen.  


After Irma passed we started calling neighbors.  They said our house looked relatively untouched.  We were stunned.  How could a storm this big pass so close and not do any damage?  Our neighbor next door lost their entire screen cage.  It blew out and up and over their house but not even a screw ended up in our yard.  We didn't even lose a screen panel.  Unbelievable!  


When we got home late Monday we were expecting to find signs of water intrusions.  Our neighbor on the other side, whose house was build 40 years after ours, had water intrusion in several rooms and had drywall damage up to almost two feet.  Our house was dry as a bone.  :huh:  It was like we were in the Goldilocks zone.  We still can't believe it.  The only thing that really stood out was our yard looked like a jungle.  The landscaping we have been doing over the past two years just took off with all the rain we've been getting.  We needed machetes to get through the growth. 


But as we were spared many others weren't so lucky.  As I watched the track of the storm I found it impossible to wish it away from our house.  Doing so would have meant someone else would suffer.  Let's hope Mother Nature is done challenging us with natural disasters for a while.    

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Glad you and yours are safe. Hurricanes are strange animals, the media briefly mentions spin off tornadoes we flew over the Mobile area and Dauphin Island day 2 after Frederic looking for missing boaters that stupidly stayed on there boats (to protect there homes these were live aboards) who anchored there boats supposedly in protected areas, and families had not heard from several boaters hence the SAR.  You can see the paths of the numerous tornadoes spawned by the storm, High winds blow trees over a tornado snaps them off 8 to 10 foot above the trunk, the paths are visible from the air, like a giant drew a pencil line. All in the direction of the storm path and reverse direction after the eye has passed. Inland from the water just as much if not more damage is caused by tornadoes. Which one would you want actually neither.


Another phenom we were patrolling the beaches for looters coming over by boat stealing from the beach houses. There was this house on pilings about 8 ft in the air, we saw something that looked strange and climbed the steps to check it out. All that was left was the pilings stairs and floor all the walls were missing the only thing in the house was a bookcase standing where the wall would be. On the shelves were books and knick knacks totally undisturbed it was enough to give you the heebie jeebies. Its like the pine needle stuck in a tree due to wind.


Now I have never been through fires as being played out on the west coast, continual evacs worse damage fires = total loss, flash floods (Jonestown PA.?, snowbound by blizzards, and earthquakes no warning.  I would choose a hurricane at least you have advanced notice to get out of Dodge. 

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