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Peter Bloemendaal

US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

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Thanks Sven & Dutchman and thanks for all the likes.

I have been a bit quiet for a little while. I noticed I dropped a bit in motivation so took a few weeks break from modelling. Luckily it didn't last long...

I think I'm about halfway through the standing rigging so I thought it be a good time for a small update.

I also would like to wish everyone a  Happy and prosperous New Year  :champagne:


(I got the happy bit sorted already because my first grandson was born yesterday 👍.)

Cheers, Peter



Log Pic 217.JPG

Log Pic 218.JPG

Log Pic 219.JPG

Log Pic 220.jpg

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Congratulations grandpa! I'm still waiting for my first grandchild. Might still take a while though. No worries about taking a break from building. It's the same with me. Haven't touched it for a while. But I have several other hobbies as well. The main thing is you enjoy building when you do it. It shouldn't be looked upon as an obligation. It looks wonderful at this stage. A very happy and healthy year to you and your family (and for everyone who read this as well) ((even to everybody who doesn't))!

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Congrats Grandpa. What a great Christmas gift!

I am also waiting for my first grand child,  my son is still young (26) but not me.

Beautiful progress of your ship.


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Thanks Nirvana & Dutchman, (and the likes).

I have 4 sons, oldest is 30, youngest 20 so something tells me it won't be my last grandchild...lol. The other three don't seem to be in a hurry though.

I must say it is a pretty special feeling holding someone so small again. His uncles can't wait for him to be able to hold a cricket bat. (Australia is in need of a good batsman...lol).

Anyway, I digress. Back to modelling.

Just some progress photo's of the standing rigging. The photo's speak for themselves. I always had a feeling that I wouldn't enjoy doing the rigging as much as I did the hull. I was wrong.....

Log Pic 222.jpg

Log Pic 221.JPG

Log Pic 223.JPG

Log Pic 224.JPG

Log Pic 225.JPG

Log Pic 226.jpg

Log Pic 227.jpg

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Thanks Harley and Christos and also the 'likes'.

It's going well but I'm having a few hickups I like to share.

First, as I am upsizing the size of the standing rigging as recommended by Chuck, I am finding that not all the blocks that were added to the mast assemblies can accommodate the larges sizes. I have had to replace a few.

Also the blocks at the top of the masts (3 on the main, 4 on the foremast) I glued in the wrong position. I didn't allow for the gang of fixed rigging loops to go first. The drawing shows them where I assembled them but they should have been approx. 8-10mm higher. Due to my inexperience I didn't pick this up until now. I had to remove them all and tried to clean the mast up the best I could. I will add these block when needed.

And finally I had to drill out the holes in the top mast cross trees from 0.5mm to 0.8mm to fit the rigging. Definitely got some sweaty hands doing this but I got away with it.

Moral of the story. Check the blocks and hole sizes, etc. with the rigging lines before fitting them onto the various assemblies.

Here are a few photo's of my progress.

Cheers, Peter


Log Pic 228.JPG

Log Pic 229.jpg

Log Pic 230.JPG

Log Pic 231.jpg

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Thanks for all the likes again.

Next is the gaff and boom addition. One of the instructions was to seize a length of line to the 1/8" double block under the main top. As I didn't allow for this when I put the block in place there wasn't anything to seize the line onto (maybe I am still missing something...) So I decided to cut the block off and re-install it with the additional line attached. I also realized (after a while scratching my head....) that I had forgotten the 2 blocks for the boom topping lifts. So they had to be fitted under the main top as well. Not the neatest job, but I do now fully appreciate the reason for adding all these blocks when the masts are build...lol. Hand drilling upwards under the top with the rigging in place was a bit of a challenge.

Here are a few photo's...

Cheers, Peter

Log Pic 238.JPG

Log Pic 239.jpg

Log Pic 240.JPG

Log Pic 241.JPG

Log Pic 242.JPG

Log Pic 243.jpg

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