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Greeny From South East Idaho USA

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Hello and Greetings from South East Idaho, USA

A little about my self.

I'm mostly know for my Scratch built 1/10 RC's.

I'm looking for a challenge and combing more skill sets and hobby's.

Ive built a few crude small RC boats, but have always wanted to try my hand at a Ship.

I love modeling in any scale and this seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Looking forward to learning....and sharing.

I currently jumped in over my head and have started the "Fair American" model.

I'll be asking and hope to receive some help as I'm as green as a Land locked Greeny can be.

Huge thank you on such a quick Add to the forums.

Very appreciated.

On wards and Up wards..

Thanks again


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You are already an accomplished modeler from what you say. Maybe you can search model companies which have graded their kits for skill levels. You are in the right place to see just what modeling can be. Asking questions is how skills are passed and never rejected here by serious modelers.

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