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Hello everybody, I will start to introduce myself although I have been on this forum for some time. I live in the city of Braila on the Danube at 150 km from the Black Sea, my grandfather was a sailor, my father captain, my cousin is a heller, my brother is a mechanic on the ship, and myself a mechanic and a sailor on a river ship. I am passionate about building ships since I was in gymnasium and until now I am a member of Galati University Club and participate  national and international competitions. My works are on the Romanian shipmodels forums.


Adrian ,

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Welcome to MSW Adrian! Just looked through your build log and you have some very nice work taking place there. Looks like a fun build I will stick around to watch.

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A belated welcome. My grandfather shoveled coal on an American battleship from 1911-16. We used to live in a place in Chicago called bridgeport where Great Lakes ships were unloaded. I am impressed by anyone who earns their living on the water. Enjoy exploring this site. Ask questions. People are always ready to help. 

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