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Latest pieces off my drawing board

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Brilliant. There’s lots to to love about these. I especially like the scale rigging. Beautifully subtle. This is often overdone in art, as in many models.



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With regard to the rigging... I use Steel, Edye, Kipping, Fincham, and Lee to calculate the size and then my Leroy/Rapidograph drafting pens come in sizes 4x0 to 5. Manny, many years ago (think decades) the late genius Donald McNarry cautioned me to always round down to the next lower appropriate pen size to avoid it getting too heavy. He said that in my case the ink creeps and wicks just a little and in his case as he was making rigging from twisted, painted wire allowances had to be allowed for the additional thickness provided by the paint. And in this as in so many other matters he was absolutely right. Hilariously though on the first drawing after that, I failed to realize that the pen specs were widths (think diameter) and the figures on all of my primary sources was circumference. So my rigging was 3.14159265359... (Pi) times as thick as they should have been. I saw that something was wrong and sent Mr McNarry a picture. Now remember this was in the 1970's so the whole conversation was proceeding between the southern United States and, I believe somewhere in Cornwales via snail mail. It took not days or weeks but months. In due course I rec'd one of those light blue air mail enclosures made of tissue paper which could be folded up into it's own envelope. How many people still can recall those! Anyway all it said was "My goodness. Something has certainly gone off. You might recheck your numbers." Bright and early the following Tuesday, the trash guy picked up that drawing along with all of the other household rubbish of the week. The tragedy was that it was a commission with a hard and fast deadline.

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Now I wish there was a button for beautiful too.

How much is a drawing running? And can you do one based on photographs?

My father turns 80 next year and it would be great to have something unique for him.

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This is fantastic! Never saw anything similar! The shades, accuracy, everything is perfect. True museum quality!

Or maybe team up with Greg to illustrate his upcoming Speedwell book


Ok, dreams dreams :)


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