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Yesterday, while looking for a set of instructions that go with an airplane model, I happened across a stash of about 4 years of Ships in Scale magazine dating from 1997-2001.  A few issues were missing but they were, for the most part, all there.  I guess that in 2001 I let my subscription drop and as I was going through some bad times I didn't renew it.  Prior to 1997 I had maintained a subscription to Model Ship Builder but I can't find more than just a few issues of that magazine.  Looking through the Ships in Scale collection I am rediscovering some very interesting articles on model ship building.  I am surprised at the small amount of advertising that was present at that time.  The only thing is that most articles span at least three issues, sometimes more to get the full content.  I think now I will go through what I've got and index all the articles so I will have a database for this source of research material.  One series I discovered was about building a model of a Flower class corvette which will help me with my build of the HCMS Snowberry in 1/144 scale.


I checked online and found that the magazine is still being published.  It is now quarterly instead of bi-monthly as it was then.  I am thinking of restarting my subscription even though I think there is probably as much information here and on other forums as I would get out of the magazine.

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When I first started wood ship modelling around 2009 I purchased a subscription.  There were some interesting articles and some useful information but after a while I found it just sitting unread.  The variety of active subject matter on this website at any one time is far greater than probably 10 years worth of Ships in Scales issues.  Not to mention the quality of work on here just blows away a lot of what was in the magazine.  I think I kept my subscription for about two years before letting it lapse.

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I may be biased because I occasionally write articles in Ships in Scale, but I find it's a different audience.


It has more of a linear focus than forums, as you get it periodically and you naturally read through (most of) every issue. It tends to give you a broader look at ship modeling and what people do. And, while the forum allows you to dig around and get some really wonderful detail on some specific projects, unusual topics tend to get more ignored than they do in magazines.


If you're only looking for tips and techniques, you'll probably get more info here on the forum. 


Bob, if you're really thinking about it, maybe subscribe for a year and see how you feel about it. 



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