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uss frolick

Spooky new Christmas Carol, 'Oh Tannenbaum' - gothic style.

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Here's the most unique version of the Christmas Carol ''Oh Tannenbaum'' that I've ever heard. The singer is Operatic Mezzo Soprano, and symphonic goth-rocker Tarja Turenun, formerly front woman of the Finish Band Nightwish. This is kind of a Tim Burton-ish 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' version, and as spooky as it is, I really kind of like it! (Time for my meds ... ) Sung in German, of course:


Its from her new New album  "From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a dark Christmas)". Doing my bit to keep you all culturally up-to-date! Don't be frightened ... :)



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Tarja with a more classical Christmas tune, Schubert's 'Ave Maria': See, she's not always so scary.



Tarja with Nightwish, singing 'Ever Dream':



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