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popeye the sailor

MS Progress by popeye the sailor - Billing Boats - 1:50 scale

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Very nice progress on the model Denis and the musical banter, love it

My instrument is my voice, sang in the church choir, first tenor, high f.  I tried for the g but couldn't quite reach it. Still do pretty well, even at 84.


You and the misses have a great 2019 and in good heath.



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thanks Piet.......and hope your holiday {s} were just as good :)   though I was NOT to have a 'model' Christmas,  I got three.   one of them was my funny car...1/16 scale.  the body is 12 inches long,  and has wiring and hose routings.  it's not the one I built in Florida back in the '70's,  but it will fill the void.

    the admiral got me an old MPC kit........a 4-4-0 steam locomotive and tender called the General.......very nice and quite large for a 1/25 model kit.  my son Kevin and Chrystal got me a 1/150 scale kit of the Gorch Fock.....a Revell kit that looks quite intimidating at skill level 5 :unsure:    my movie collection got a huge boost too......included is a collection on D - Day.   I must have been a very good boy  :) 


the work week is over........too cold to go runn'in 'round in a speedo...........so I guess I'll sit here and model  ;)   more fun awaits!

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thank you Kevin and Sampson......and Happy 2019 to you!  :)    as with the Nordkap,  the funnel for the Progress with be in the same location.  it will sit attached to the aft cabin,  and rest on the lower cabin.


I'm going to position it a bit more forward to give the lower cabin more deck space.   not that it really matters,  since I gave the lower cabin more length.........either I didn't go back far enough with the forward deck cabin,  or there was some difference in the original Progress kit.   this model was built from an original kit.   the give away to the age of this model {kit} is the portholes......they are plastic,  as they are also in the Nordkap kit around the same production period.  I'd be surprised if this model was built the same way as I am,  using a Nordkap kit.........but the obvious conclusion I've come to,  lies with the measurements of the cabin structure,  as a whole.........even the helm room is different {side walls are shorter}.  

    also shown here is one of the gallows.........earlier,  I showed you one of them {or what's left of it},  that I need to recreate.   I've almost resided myself to the fact,  that I'm not going to find this style of gallows.  I'm still looking,  but I have an idea to make them rounded at the top,  bending the metal,  rather than cut and shape the parts to make the others.   dunno.........I may try anyways.  if I do,  I will post how they come out.   I won't need to adapt the funnel.......once shaped,  it simply sits on top.  the only thing I need to be concerned with,  will be the separation lines along the bottom,  where it will mate to the decks.   shaping was fun when I did the Nordkap.  I took my belt sander and laid it in a milk crate with the trigger locked on.

    after marking the shape on the block of Balsa,  supplied in the kit,  it was sanded and sculpted to the oval shape.




that's the block I have to work with....should be fun when I finally get to it.   welcome to the log.....enjoy  :) 


Hello Sampson :)   welcome to the log,  glad you enjoyed what there is so far.   should get more interesting when the paint starts flowing........she'll be prettier,  as any rate :D   I like trawlers.........my knowledge of them may be still shady though.....I'm constantly learning.   reminds me when I was building the Mary Ann.........I outfitted her to be a self sufficient boat,  able to repair her own nets,  even during a days work,  fishing.  I posted the log here and on my Word Press site.  after I had finished the model and posted the gallery on both sites,  I received a comment on the Word press site,  by a person from Norway {I think that's where he was from}.   he told me I did a great job on the model,  but just for future reference,  those types of boats aren't outfitted like that  ;)  :D    I knew he was being funny and sincere,  so I didn't take offense........later on down the road,  he sent me pictures of his three boats........very nice looking bevy  ;)    be welcome........follow along.......I'll try and make it as interesting as I can.   if you have an idea or suggestion.....feel free to let me know.   that's what we're all about here.


I didn't get to do much on her yesterday...........my extra spoonful of insanity will be apparent  in the shore leave forum  :ph34r:

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decided to install the margins today on the Progress.  fitting them took a while.......a vast amount of adjustments.  measure and cut all the notches,  sand and trim until they are butted up to the bulwarks.  the fun started with the port side.


trimming was in a number of places....even a couple posts.   the margins aren't that wide......I didn't want them to take the brunt of the trimming.  any gaps left over will be filled with filler.   when it was satisfactory enough,  it was cemented in place.



it laid down rather well.......it didn't try to lift  ;)    usually,  when wet from the white glue,  the wood will try to curl.   the starboard side was then fitted and cemented down.  this one has the odd shape and did attempt to lift,  mainly at the ends where the thicker areas are.  top hat push pins helped to hold them down.


there was also some lifting along the bulwarks,  which was easy to remedy.


the top of the bow cabin.....the roof or bow sheer { for lack of better terminology},  is seen lying on the deck.   it was cut out from what was left of the sheet that it was printed on and dry fitted on the bow.   sanding had to be done to the bow beams,  for it to sit correctly.   I also saw that the angles for the side parts need to be addressed too.......not enough of an angle.


you might be able to see the marks I made.   the real problem lies at the bow stem.......those top rabbit pieces will need to be notched.  I first thought that by sanding the beam closest to the stem,  it might alleviate the problem.  it lessened it.......but not entirely cured it.



you can see what I mean here by angle adjustment.   I can make up for the stem problem with the sides........it's all in the fit  ;) 


I removed the portholes from the cabin assembly.......I was going to give it a primer coat.   but them I remembered that there are a couple other thing I need to do before that can happen.  with an errand to run,  I left the cabin in place on deck.......I had also tried to sand in the deck camber at the bottom.........got most of it  ;) 


once the margins are painted, and the hold boxes are in place,  I can then plank the deck.

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thanks J........I can cut the scuppers next :)    another step I need to do.  I still need to sand the hull some more.....then I can do the rub rails.  never a dull moment........hoping I can get some paint on her soon.   thanks for the good word :) 

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Hi Denis, 

I'm late to the game, but have spent last night and this evening reading through the build so far.  Great way to spend a Friday night!! :dancetl6: She's really taking shape and looking good.  Great work!!!  I wish I was as fast at building.  




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thanks Marc....your here.....and I'm glad you came  ;)   your still fairly early though........no paint yet and plenty of deck work to do.   I'm went to Hobby Lobby the other day to see if they had any brass strip stock........only 1/8 x 1/8 :(   so I bought a couple of 1/4 x 1/4 basswood strips thinking that I'd make them in wood.   then I thought dowel.........that might b interesting........I just picked up a bunch of different sizes {I've become a hoarder of wood}.

    looking at the original one,  I find that the uprights could be 3/16......I didn't measure them.....I went on blind assumption.   so I will be experimenting with that along with every thing else.  on top of that........I've been staring at the wood parts for the winch.   I can get an all metal one from Cornwall for like $27.00........but I will assemble it to see how bad it will look.


as I said.......your still early........glad to have you aboard :) 

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