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confused about getting help from Forums

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Hello there everyone

  I was told this is where I can get something off my chest, I will not bring up names here incase the members of other forums might be members here as well. anyway last week, I was asking a simple help question on another forum site about a planking a

certain parts on a particular page, the instruction  do not mention that part, rather to taper it or not, well I got help all right I get a few lectures from three members one tells me I should try to give help to other model builders besides asking for help, all I said was I'm just a novice model ship builder how can I help other when I'm here to learn my self all I can do on the forum is to 

 compliment and say good things about other model builders work and maybe ask them a question or two about their fine 

model, I should have told them that, but I was recovering from shock from being lectured for simply asking a members help, 

they ask me to put pictures of my build on the forum, but I  only put photos of the areas that I have an issue with for now I do 

 not have a build log of my model on that forum  or any forum I'm just not good enough yet, was I wrong were they wrong for 

 lecturing me just for asking for help, anyway thanks for reading this and allowing me to get it off my chest, PS I do not mind 

constructive criticism as long as it does not come across as being chewed out that's all 


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Ronald to get negatively lectured when asking a question is positively WRONG. I have never witnessed that sort of behavior here on MSW. I have asked for guidance on certain aspects of builds and received great advice with out the sarcastic lectures. The MAIN thing I love about MSW is just how helpful and cordial everyone is. Sometimes a request for a photo is a request so that we can see exactly what the issue really is. I can tell you that I had been stumbling through building wood ships for 15 years before I found this website making all sorts of errors of which a vast majority was caused directly from a lack of clear and precise instructions. People are not born with a knowledge to just build a great model right out of the box, unless your name is Chuck, so don’t worry about what others say. Ask your questions. One of the new tools I just purchased was a set of proportional dividers to aid in planking and without even seeing your problem area yes you probably need to taper, that was one of my consistent errors, not tapering. On another note, I was born and raised in New Orleans, Geaux Tigers.

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Sorry for jerks that can hide behind the printed word.

Yes folks like to see a build log, I felt a little insecure and took a while before I posted one it looked like crap to begin with. (still does in some places)

My advice ignore the xxxxx everyone on this site is extremely helpful I have had my share of goofs and have received nothing but support, and no criticism.


Do not feel under pressure to post a build log do it when it feels right, a couple of pictures showing your problem and asking for help posted in the right forum should be sufficient without getting hammered by some egotistical better than thou modeler. 


Use the search engine find a builder that had posted a log of the model your working on see if your answer is there if not send him a private message PM with specifics.


I've found this to be the most helpful site with the best folks compare it to cheers where everybody knows your name.

Also you may be better than you think in eyes of others.:cheers:


Go breaux Bamas better but Coach O appears to be getting the job done.

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Caption Steve 

  could you send me the reply back  about my post I got a message saying you responded but I 

     can not find it did  you delete it I only have Jim and johns replies 


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this sounds like the B.S. I got on another forum site as well.  I was doing a log on a Fokker D VII........I thought it would be alright to post on some of the info I had found.  before I knew it,  I had these two guys putting me down and arguing amongst themselves........one spouting from the book of so & so,  and the other one spouting from his book of so & so.  I got a bit angry over all this....knowing that folks can log in and add or correct information given on the Wiki site {where I got the info from}, I told 'em off.   first, I apologized for posting the info.......that I was merely going on info that was in print. 

   "since you two yo yo's are so knowledgeable,  having broken your noses in those books of yours,  and the Wiki enabling folks to log in and input correct and reliable information for us less lernered folks to widen our horizons,  perhaps you two could log in there and dazzle us with all that you seen to think you know. {not in this exact text,  but you get the idea}.   I also thanked the site for harboring trolls.  never went back there.


unfortunately,  there are sites out there that are just that.......stuffy places where your berated for asking what is deemed a silly question.  there is a difference between constructive criticisms and being a troll {that's what I'd call'em}.     

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I wish I could say that MSW has been completely devoid of "stuffy" responses, but it's impossible to keep a site 100% free of them. We do what we can to encourage civility. Hopefully people don't get too awfully bothered by the occasional leaker.

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I've found MSW to be almost a one-off when it comes to helpfulness and friendliness to newbies and their "stupid" questions. None of the rudeness, self-righteousness or flame wars I've come across on other forums I've been on.


It's a great relief and a major plus in favour of MSW. You guys! (wipes away a manly tear).



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