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I recently received my copies of Vol I and II of the Naiad books, and have just started studying the plans so that I can determine whether I go ahead and start the build or postpone it till I have better skills.


However, I am puzzled by the plan numbering, and just want to check that I do in fact have all the plans. It would be great if someone could provide a list of the plans and what they contain.

With volume 1 of the Naiad I have the following:

I sheet each of plans

1, 2, 2B, then 2 sheets of plan 3, and then 1 copy of 13A-D

With volume 2 I have:

1 sheet each of

Plans 5-12,  and plan 14.


I presume plan 13 from volume 1 is the plan 13 for the second volume.


My question is: am I missing plan sheets 2A and 4 or are there no plans with that numbering?


I haven't read through the volumes thoroughly yet, but I can't see any obvious listing of the plan sheets.

I'd be grateful for any advice. I've written to Bob and Cathy at Seawatch Books, but I'm posting here in case there's a simple answer.


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Oops! After more careful going through the text, I think I've answered at least part of my question. It seems I am indeed missing plan 4 (the centreline structure drawing) which I now see is referenced as such in Volume 1 on page 19. I think two copies of plan 3 were sent by mistake instead of one copy each of plans 3 and 4.

However, I'd still like to know if there's a plan 2A, if anyone can help.




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I am sorry for the confusion over the plans.  The drawings were all planned and numbered early on, before the books.  The inclusion of Drawing 13 in Volume I has caused some confusion.  The short answer is that there is no 2A.  The 2B was meant to identify this plan as the Base, or shipway drawing.  It does sound like Seawatch owes you a drawing 4, so I am sure Bob will send you one.  Let me know if this does not happen.  I have attached a list of the large printed drawings for your reference.  I posted this in an Addendum on this forum topic some time ago.  I suggest that you go back through this topic, download and print all the Addenda.  While most of these deal with minor corrections and clarifications, there is also other useful supplementary information.  There are 6 addenda for Volume I and 1 for Volume 2, all as printable pdfs.


Naiad Frigate Drawing Lists[1].pdf


Thank you for your interest in the books.  I hope you will decide to proceed with the project.



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Ed, you're a marvel! Thanks so much for all the info. I'll collect all the addenda and have downloaded the list. I'll definitely start a log, though, because of house moving this summer, it may be some time before I can make my decision. In the meantime I'm planning very carefully!



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