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Excellent tips.

I'm battling with my first model, the card 'San Salvador' from the Maritime Museum, San Diego.

I'm coming to the conclusion that I should really regard this first one as the practice, then build once again.

It really is enjoyable and less stressful then I think building my 20 + year old still unopened  King of the Mississippi will be.

Looking forward to the next installment


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Hello, Chris Coyle and everyone.


I am new here:). Your V-108 model looks superb! I hope I would get such paper modeling skill in the future... I am very interested in paper models for years, and did lots of models, as well as Digitalnavy's models, such as the V-108. The finished model was accidentally damaged (actually destroyed) by a child, and my repairing attempts were unsuccessful. I want to make one again, but could not download the pdf. file. One question: Has Digitalnavy remodeled its website yet? I frequently browse the web, now having light blue pages instead of grey, and the models cannot be downloaded:(. Most of the buttons "click HERE" cannot be clicked. So if the site became unavailable, may I ask you or anyone who have the V-108 pdf. file whether it will be possible for you to send me one? Any of the versions would be very appreciated.


Thank you very much.:)




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Hi, Aur. 


Unfortunately, Roman still has not updated his website - the link for V108 is still not active.  Since the website on the whole, however, is active, we must assume that Roman is still in business.  Even though the model is free, it is still his intellectual property, and for me or anyone else to distribute copies of it without the owner's permission would be a copyright infringement.


Maybe I'll shoot him an email and ask what his intentions are.

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Hello Chris,


I am sorry for my late reply.

Hopefully, the V108 and all other ships links will be activated soon......all his paper models are superb.


Thank you in advance if you can ask him about that, too.





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