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That's not actually what I meant to post, but when I started typing, I doubled over a laughed out loud.

What I started to say was:


Today I posted the following on my favorite forum: I had a great idea! (Well, you be the judge)

The wife and I have been looking forever for some one to play a card game called spades. Here's what I'm thinking. Must be 4 people for 2 teams, thus probably a couple:) I think 2 email addresses would suffice.


I've heard from many that the game requires no strategy. If you want to play you must describe a situation in which strategy is real!


35 years ago I was unbeatable. My wife has never seen a game completed.


Sorry if I stepped on any messages, I think to much when I type. I really don't know much about my language, i.e. grammar, but I can fake it pretty well. Or is that good?

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