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saxman joe

Le Soleil Royal, 17th Century Battleship Plastic

La Soleil Royal $200 + Shipping


Le Soleil Royal, 17th Century Battleship (1/100 Model Kit Heller 80899)      
2300 Parts in Brown, Tan, Black & White Plastic Plus Vacuum-formed sails.
Detailed Hull replicates the carvings along the sides, bow and stern of the original and also includes the gun ports for the cannon.
Full mast detail includes hatches, bulkheads, and lifeboats.
The kit includes a special "rigging machine" for making the ratlines







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Heller has done a very good job with this kit and the finished model is impressive. 


I just finished one and recommend a few changes to make it better:

1. the sails supplied by Heller are not accurate.  The bolt spacing is too wide and they left off many reinforcing details, the bolt ropes, cringles.

2. the galleries were open.  (I think Heller based their galleries on a model that had them closed.)

3. the chain plates were iron, not rope.

4. the head rails should have knees, the head should have seats of ease and the masts should have mast coats

5. the lower yards and topsail yards should have parrels, as too the mizzen yard

6. anchor bouys are not supplied, nor thimbles

7. the launch and cutter are very poor and need to be rebuilt.

8. yard cleats per French practice need to be added.

9. crows feet should be rigged correctly

10. foot ropes per 17th Century French practice need to be added

11. gun port lids should have 2 lanyards and 4 eye bolts each


This may seem like the kit is poor but it is actually quite good; the foregoing makes it much better and is based on extensive research.  I plan to post pictures of my renditon next month when my buddy Ron takes professional photos.  If you or anyone would like a listing of my reseach sources, please let me know.


I decided after much thinking to add some sails.  These are made of paper laminated with diluted white glue and all the details added.  I plan to write this up, again after I get close up professional pictures.



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