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Hello My name is Alexander. 
I apologize in advance if it is not clear. I do not speak in English and translated by a computer. 
Decided to share their work. Here I will try to show your thread. Do thread recently, so far the results are not very many. But the thread very much. Now work has a couple of figures. So soon there will be still other figures. I hope with time I will continue to show what I will appear. 
I'll start with figures that make for your model. Female figure on HMS Druid in 1776. 
First, the final result: 







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Show how everything was done gradually 

Draft Thread



moving eventually worked out the details. First rough and about





moving eventually worked out the details. First rough and about
later in more detail. Neponravilis folds of the dress , so was their remodel

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Babushka maia russkaia. Mi gavarim pa russki domoi ^^

How interesting.



P.S.To be clear, I will explain all 

Vivian praised me in Russian, and my question is how she knows the language said that her grandmother and Russian at home they speak in Russian. 
I handed her grandmother hello.
I hope that the computer is turned clear.
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Very nice carving, Alexander!

What material are you using and which oil?


Hi Janos 
Thank you very much. 
This figure rose from  pink pears. 
covered with tung oil, like this 
Tinted bituminous varnish.
Its better to be diluted with turpentine or mineral spirits 
P.S. Recover! I wish you good health!


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This sculpture cut and light wood. 

Here's what happened: 






This apple tree. 

Likely to put the dark figure of a model, but just have not decided yet. 

This turned out not so gentle in proportion as basketball, and breasts are too large 

This has not yet toned anything because it is easy to spoil everything

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Your Lion is wonderful Alexander :wub:  :wub: I am sure I speak for many when I say yes,pictures of the work in progress please.Thank you for sharing your marvelous talent with us.


Kind Regards Nigel

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Very nice work indeed, you have some excellent sculpting skills Alexander, especially at this scale.





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You can see that for simplicity I glued the paper with the drawing on the workpiece. The first thing to do for landing slot




Then I switched on the machine circular saw, so faster





The following picture shows that this thread I had a second. The first attempt was a little different, and the customer has not approved it.



PS To be continued.

sorry, have to run for job

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Unfortunately, when there was work on the head of a lion I ran out of batteries in the camera, so more photos with a ready thread head.
You can see that part of the excess from the last attempt is cut and inserted into the groove on the blank bar. Now until the end of the thread it will be on it.
If you look closely, you can see that the color of the wood has changed a bit , especially on the head figurines
This is because of the oil , and which is impregnated with a lion's head . I put a brush oil on the thread. Tung oil is absorbed quickly and makes the tree a little different . Now it is pricked as before and is very convenient for carving even the smallest elements. Now you know a little secret.


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Now is the time to work on a shield with lilies . First I 'll show pictures, and then open another little secret.
So the lion looked at the beginning of work on the shield
So after
So in fact what happened in the end is not quite what is photographed at the beginning . The shield with lilies actually different. Note that in the first picture , this part is not as convex  as in the end.
I did not succeed. I was frustrated. I cut below and try again. Again bad. So shield became quite flat and on it was impossible to fix. What to do? Redo it all over again? This is so offensively . I decided to try to fix everything. But first, another blank tree I began to cut again inside with lilies. I liked it, now you need to carefully move it to the figure. 
That's why I made the first shot. And the line is not there by accident and not for beauty. With her help I was able to print this part of the correct scale on cardboard. Then tried to cut the exact shape, and what was inside the wreath. It was laborious, it was necessary to try a lot. Several times had to start anew. And finally, everything worked, I cut out cardboard replica of what I wanted. 
I now had a pattern. I have attached it to a new piece with lilies and transferred all nyuansy.Ostalos all neatly cut and paste the new piece into place. So the whole figure was saved. 


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Came the turn of the hind paws


Now crown






cut small parts separately




and the last item





well that's all. in the end I want to open another one of my secret. Photographing process work is also very useful. Often you can see that just not visible. Pictures help to see their mistakes. When working, don't remember how it looked figurine of a week ago. And if you suddenly have to start all over again (this happens), then you can better understand where to make changes and do not make a mistake опять.У photos have another benefit. When it was all over and the thread goes to the customer on the memory remains of those pictures.



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Wonderful to see the stages involved Alexander.Very clever recovery with the shield,no one would know if you hadn't said anything.


Kind Regards Nigel

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