HMS Vanguard by RMC - Amati/Victory Models - scale 1:72

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Thanks Jose.  I decided while considering the dreaded parrals, to mount the spritsail yard (I think this is known as avoidance^_^).  The yard provide quite a bit of difficulty.  Gravity is always working against you. With a few more payments to the swear jar, the wretched thing is finally on and has turned out acceptably.  While all of that was going on, the blocks for the two upper forestays came away from the jib boom. I did not rejoice, particularly as it was caused by some rather inferior knot-tying earlier in my knot-tying career. It took four attempts to obtain an acceptable result. In the process I discovered a mistake in my rigging which at least I was able to correct - so at least something good came out it.


Here is some of the detail. I may have gone a bit overboard with the photos, but the thing is rather complicated and very crowded. These pictures may help some other poor souls who are yet to get to this stage.









How it looks - with lots of things still to be tied off.




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Nice work Bob.

The bad news is that the spritsail topsail yard is attached by a parral!


Incidentally, checking for posts using [Activity][Unread content I follow] doesn't work for me so I nearly missed your post.

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Yes, there are a few odd things in the new format Arthur. For example, in searching for 'vanguard' (content)  it goes to the very first posts, then you must go to the next step in finding which post and where you would like to go in it. The intermediate step I find a little annoying.  As well, in the search option, I now have a list of about 15 search items that I can't get rid of. Still, there are worse things going on in the world.


No doubt you see here I'm still into avoidance. In fact I have put on the spritsail topsail yard - parral and all - but I stuffed up the very last knot and may have to re-do the whole thing.  However I have a cunning plan ....

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Thanks roadking.  With the prospect of trying to repair the knot on the spritsail topsail yard parral, a little encouragement is needed.  The wretched thing took a full morning to do:angry:.

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