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Australian English 101

G'Day  all
In Australia we make a few words in a sentence into one longer word. We, I must admit, are a bit lazy in our speaking, but for us it's normal. 
The reason why I'm writing this down, so other countries and their population might under stand our lingo. Some examples are:.

Lingo = language 
Ozzie = Australian 
Havta  = have to
Havtagree = have to agree etc
G'Day  = good day
Havagooday  = have a good day 
Havagreatrip  = have a great trip etc


If you say it out loud long enough, I hope that you may understand our poor speech. 


In Australia we use bloody a lot. Bloody is one of our best adjective to describe something so good or some times bad. Eg bloody fantastic is very good. Bloody terrible is very bad.

We also break down large words into a smaller/shorter word eg. Air conditioner  to Aircon.
There are many more facets to our unique language, above are only a small sample. 
havagooday to all

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6 hours ago, druxey said:

And I always thought 'Air conditioner' was 'Egg-nishner'! But we digress....


You may be right! Some non-Ozzie might hear Egg-nishner when we speak,  it must be our accent. 

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