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Over the last couple of days, I received several goodies! The first is a "newish" Kindle 8HD reader with 32GB of memory. This is an upgrade from my 6HD. The large size will help with viewing videos. I only have a photo of the box, the kindle is in another area charging.


The next are two DVDs. One I bought and the other (cat one) my wife bought me for Father's Day, it came in the mail a little late. Yes I am a Cataholic. For those interested in cats, it is a two hour story of the evolution of cats.


The LOrd Of The Rings, I bought, as it is Blue Ray, and has a much better picture quality than my Extended Version disks. I just wish they would put out the extended on Blue Ray.



The next two are kits I got from Model Expo, during their last sale.



This is the contents of the Rucker Wagon.



And the Doctor's Buggy.



The long tube contains a well protected piece of brass rod.

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