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  2. Just like in school!

    Hey mate look at modellers central. Scroll down to timber and search which you want .
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  4. At one time, the colors were on the Victory website. I'm not sure if they still have them on the site or if they updated them.
  5. Just like in school!

    Welcome to MSW You can get planks from http://www.woodprojectsource.com/ they are one of the sponsors here at MSW. All the best Derek
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I got a ticket for parking too far from the curb. I live in one of these "elite" neighborhoods where our taxes go to maintaining mow strips, parks, bike paths, dog parks...etc. Serious home organization associations. (HOA) I live on a cul-de-sac. Unless both front and rear tires are touching the curb, the center of the truck will always be more than 3' from the curve. More than 3'? OMG! 2nd time. Today I went to the banks and ordered 3,500 pennies. Just bought a burlap sack. I don't care how long it takes, I'm taking them out of their rolls and giving them one big burlap bag. I hope it breaks the counter when I set it down. Seriously, Brian? Darn tooten'! Last summer I got 4 warnings that I can't leave my truck in one spot more than 72 hours. I can't go 16 hours without driving my truck. Do they use chalk? No... Mind you we live at 100' above sea level. Like, the lowest part of the central valley in California. They kept seeing cobwebs. I had one living in my hitch receptacle. Do you think that spider wasted any time rebuilding as soon as I parked? You complain about dust? I complain about cob webs.
  7. Just like in school!

    Good advice from all! Thank you for the welcome and the suggestion to start a log on my build. I like that idea for many reasons. I have purchased a Mamoli Blue Shadow brig kit and think I may start with that. The issue I'm having is that I read the materials were not plentiful in the kit and you must be careful to use them wisely. I know I'll make mistakes so my question is, where to get planking should I need to? Or supplies of wood? Again thank you all for the help! I'll be exploring a bit more on the site.
  8. Serv-O-Matic as art?

    That looks great, I bet I could make a five or six week project out of assembling it. Maybe I'll have the only Syren Rope Walk featuring Marquetry. Seriously though I'll definitely be picking one up.
  9. I found a Billings Boats Santa Maria kit for sale locally on C-List and was wondering if it was a decent kit to tackle as a beginner. I have heard that it is not the most accurate or detailed version available. But would it be a good learning experience and wind up being a "decent" model in the end. By the way the asking price is $60.00. Thanks
  10. I think it's pretty useful. Very simple solutions to a lot of problems. Worth the investment.
  11. What have you received today?

    That is so funny, There is a cabinet/molding shop right around the corner from my work so I stopped in there just to look around. I also mentioned that I build ships and the owner immediately took me out back to the "Scrap Pile" and told me to help myself to as much as I wanted. I found some very nice sections of walnut veneer and some 6' long 1x1 walnut I am going to re-saw this weekend for my gun carriage on the smooth bore kit from model shipways. He told me I could come by and root around when ever I want. Very nice people those cabinet makers.
  12. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I had an uncle that was a magician. We'd be walking down the street then POOF, he'd turn into a bar.
  13. I subscribed some years ago and have found it really useful. I still look up Hubert’s ideas when tackling new aspects of a build. He obviously has a great deal of practical common sense when it comes to building methods and materials. True-no recent updates, but there’s plenty there. Grant
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  15. I'm with the others, Chuck. May she have a fast and full recovery. I'm with you on the rain...
  16. What have you received today?

    That is the sweetest shipmate I've seen in awhile Bill. He has that same facial expression that our Yorkie when on my lap.
  17. I paid $40 to join about 4 years ago and it has been one of the best investments I've made. Hubert's approach to doing things was simple. He would devise a way then kept improving it until it was the easiest way to accomplish the task. I highly recommend the site.
  18. What have you received today?

    This is the second shipment I received from Model Expo. It arrived in 5 days. My first shipment left Miami November 8th (the second time it was shipped. The first first shipment left October 24th and was returned November 7th due to a slight error in the ship to address). I wanted to build the Naval Smoothbore Guns of History but I'll start with the Carronade.
  19. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Found me a drawing, can you tell me if it is close enough ... What I've seen for Sopwith Camle planes, this would be a fitting prop ... well, actually half a prop sizes based on your given length total lengt 17cm max width 1.4cm (I can bring it down to your 1cm) max thickness 0.94cm seven layers : each layer 0.13xxcm I'll have to order some wood, as the stock I've got left doesn't meet the requirements
  20. Take care Chuck you and yours are in our prayers.
  21. Serv-O-Matic as art?

    Hope you get it to market before it shows up on eBay as the Peking Rope Dragon... It looks like it would be a nice upgrade from my home made version...
  22. What have you received today?

    Last month I joined the Northwest Indiana Woodworkers Association and when I introduced myself to the 60 members, I mentioned that I built ships. I went on to say that if anyone has cut offs of any type of wood that I would take it. Yesterday, there was another meeting and while getting out of my car a member beckons me to come over to his car, he opens his trunk, and says "take anything you want and if you come to my shop I have lots more". I got several sheets of 1'x 6' cherry and oak veneer. 20 boards of 6"x24" basswood each in 1/2, 1/4, 3/8, 1/8 thickness. 10 pieces of Balsa 3" x 3" x 36" in various thicknesses. (balsa comes in three thicknesses). This member is a cabinet maker and he does a lot of work so lots of wood. I am going to his shop next week to pick anything I want. He also has all kinds of wire in various gauges. Other members asked yesterday what I use and they will be bringing it to the December meeting. My wood supply is secured. Some of the members have offered to rip wood to any size I want. I am a very happy camper. Marcus
  23. Probably true but with a 1/16", 20TPI blade it is really amazing what can be done with a band saw. I have a Sears brand one for a 3 wheel 10" bench top band saw. Not sure if Sears still sells them. That said it's your workshop, your money and your Admiral you have to convince so go for what works for you.
  24. Jeez Jack....I am so sorry to hear that. My condolences. Heading back out to the hospital right now.....I am hoping for a good outcome. Thanks for the kind thoughts.
  25. What have you received today?

    While browsing Amazon I ran into this book. I had not seen it before and the price $10.37 new was too good to be true. Little bit of history, artwork, models, plans and other goodies in there.
  26. Sorry to hear that Chuck and Jack. Take care of family. We will still be here when you get back.
  27. Monogram 1/132 Bonhomme Richard

    The more I read and research the more things I find grossly wrong with this model, at least as the Bonhomme Richard. I think it can be built as a reasonable looking sailing ship but there are way too many needed changes that would require skills beyond my capabilities to call it the Bonhomme Richard. So far I can't find any aftermarket parts other than the figurehead that would help to make it look closer to the real thing either. I think it can be built into a nice fantasy ship so that is my plan as things stand now. I think it is odd that there are no reasonably priced wooden kits of this famous and historically important ship. Without John Paul Jones's battle with and victory over the much more powerful HMS Serapis the French may not have been influenced to come to the aid of the Americans in time to affect the outcome of the revolution.
  28. Yes, we do Chuck. I buried my Dad this past Monday - died November 9th at age of 102. Thoughts and prayers for a good outcome and speedy recovery for your Mother-in-law. Thoughts and prayers to your wife as well. Take whatever time you need. Family first.
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