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  2. thanks everyone, there's a lot of very helpful information here. It will be a month or two away but I think we'll have a go. Mark
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  4. Welcome Alain Having recently vacationed in the south of France, my wife and I have decided if we ever wish to live somewhere other than our current home in Florida, we are heading to Nice or Provence. You are fortunate to live in such a lovely part of the world! Allan
  5. Hi John. Many thanks for for sharing this article. The thought of having two finely crafted RC Bluenoses pacing each other in a stiff breeze would, indeed be a sight to see. I wish them them well and hope that there'll be a follow-up article after the boats have been launched. Cheers. Patrick
  6. Hello Alain, welcome ! You live in a lovely picturesque place. I like your model. Salut! Renato
  7. welcome to MSW Edd. I am sure you will do a good job with your Victory. There is plenty of help and encouragement right here on this great site! all the best, Geoff
  8. Hi John You two are not the only ones working (or planning) on planes............. I have collected good drawings for more than 200(!) aeroplanes from pre WW1 to modern, just thinking which one i should do Great job done on your Fokker! Regards Gerhard
  9. On my model The space between the waterline and the underside of the cannon port = 90 cm The space between deck and the underside of the cannon port = 70 cm So the cannon deck = 20 cm above the waterline Different sources all say that the height of the deck was about 160 cm (interior) At the end of last year I had some free time to do some calculations The buildlog about the "cannon breech rope length" Is very interesting (thanks Mark).. I came for the master frame on my Golden Hind at this result. 2014Gresham.pdf
  10. Hello Edd, a very warm welcome to MSW. What a lovely model - and how complex! All the very best - if you take a look at my restoration project (Blog) on a 3 master square rigged ocean carrier you may get some encouragement from seeing my starting point which was a right old bird's nest of 100 year old rigging. I am 79 and expect to sail this ship later this year! I look forward to seeing your progress on a blog here I hope. Paul
  11. Welcome to model ship world. Which ever ship you decide to start on is ok. Just two things to remember.. 1 make sure you really like the ship and she will carry you thru. 2. we are here to help. I'm currently working on my first wooden ship and I'm enjoying it. Yes there will be frustrations, mainly from meanings of terms used in construction. i've learned there is a bit of learning involved (buying and reading books on the subject) but its well worth it. I've done a couple of Comet planes so I see where you're coming from. I think you will find this to be very rewarding (if not frustrating, lol) Again, welcome Richard
  12. Thanks for the help everyone it's given me something to work with now.
  13. Welcome to MSW. It will be a fun project. With any luck it will spark an interest in the hobby. You might find it a relaxing and rewarding pursuit.
  14. It is hard to miss on the late night cable channels that I cycle thru, but anyway, would Flex Seal liquid work as a molding medium?
  15. Well... that's a bit of problem, as such, that's been around for awhile. The like is a replacement for the "nice work" comments. One way is look at the logs of others building the same (or similar) ship and ask questions or make comments. Most will answer and reciprocate. I guess I should add that it's tough to read and comment on everypost. So many each day.
  16. Welcome! Lovely pictures there. Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
  17. Just remember when using alginate that mix time is typically 30 seconds to 60 seconds only, and set time (depending on the variety) less than one to two minutes. You have to move fast. If you plan to do a large are in sections, you need a special chemical: new 'pour' won't stick to set alginate otherwise. And, of course, you need to pour a plaster support over the alginate before removing the mold. Oh, and did I mention that powder to water ratio is critical? Have fun!
  18. Welcome aboard. The lines of the ship remind me a bit of the Revenge. Jeff
  19. Welcome aboard Frank. That looks like a wonderful model you have. Looking forward to seeing more. Jeff
  20. I like and understand the "like" button added to the posts. My only discouragement is that I get likes but no feedback on progress, whether it be about my skills or my historical knowledge. I enjoy all the responses I receive from the betters in the craft but I do get frustrated sometimes about my accuracy to the craft. Is it just me or do others feel the same? Likes are nice and give me a boost, but healthy "criticisms/critics" would be appreciated so I can increase my skills and techniques.
  21. Welcome to the group. That is a lovely model in your picture. But, I think I enjoy the one's of your home area even more. It looks peaceful and tranquil. Jeff
  22. Hot yesterday (103 F), hotter today (106 F) and bit cooler tomorrow (102 F) then next week it will drop to the meer 90's. The nice part is that it's low humidity and when the sun starts going down, the temperature drops rapidly as tonight it will hit the 60's.
  23. Welcome Edd. This is a great site for resources and support. It looks like you have a wonderful model that needs some TLC. You will get help from the folks here. I hope it is alright to post another resource on here. Pete Coleman has a forum for Victory builds. Jeff
  24. Welcome to MSW, Edd. Do a search on the keyword "Restore" and one on "Restoration" and I think you'll see several others that are either done or in work along with the advice offered. Also, open your own log as it will be the best way to get help when you need it and also let us look over your shoulder.
  25. Hi everyone, First of all, thanks for accepting me into this community. my name is Ed, I live in Montreal, I recently came back from my original country with a gift from my uncle, an HMS Victory he built out of a Corel model (1:98). The model is about 15 years old and my uncle didn't have the patience anymore to maintain it so it was collecting dust and I guess rust. I had to face many challenges to transport it, one of them involved cutting off the masts (yes I know this is like sacrilege but I didn't have to many options, sorry sorry sorry, 1000 times sorry) and now I'm facing the task to restore it. I know I will be facing many challenges trying to accomplish this task, one of them is the immense lack of knowledge in trying to tackle this incredibly difficult model. But hey, my uncle gave it to me so I could at least try, he's 90 and he told me, you take it or I'll throw it to the garbage, nobody else would try to do anything with it anyway. And, that's my history, my work is all computer related so this is super out of my comfort zone. I saw how this model was built, since he bought it and then how he built it stage by stage, so I know how it looked when it was "young". He gave the plans, some tools and spare parts: I will appreciate all the help you can provide, and from my part I will try to contribute from my humbleness as a newbie in this hobby. Here I show some pictures
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