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  1. Okay - now I am getting frustrated !! I am trying to put the second deck on the ship - as instructed I cut it in half prior to planking some of the deck. Try as I might, I cannot get the deck to fit onto the main gun deck. As far as I can tell, there are no instructions/guidance as to how far above the main gun deck the second deck will lie. Any help would certainly be appreciated. I got back into ship modelling a little while ago and apart from this difficulty am really enjoying the build. Thanks.
  2. I am working on the older kit of the HMS Fly and am using a soft pencil to show the caulking between planks. It is bit of a dirty process and am wondering what other ways are there to show caulking between planks. Also more efficient methods and more accurate caulking methods. Thanks in advance. Dave
  3. I have started work on the HMS Fly again and am taking my time. I want to put a rabbet and bearding lines in - particular the rabbet line. How far from the edge of the false keel should I start the rabbet ? How deep does one normally make the depth of the rabbet ? I would really appreciate any assistance you can give me. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Chuck. That really helps get my head straight about doing the planking. How do you hold the planks on while the glue is drying ?
  5. This is a short tale of my experience trying to plank the hull of the gunboat William - which is a bit bluff bowed. The bulkheads are ready for the 1st. planking. I tried using brass nails, but that did not work - not really happy about using them anyways. Regular store bought clamps won't work very well. Have had previous success with "push pins" but the bulkheads on this ship are not very wide - no success this time with the push pins. Am thinking about getting some "drawing pins" ( metal one with wide head) and see if they will work. Am getting a little frustrated as until I solve this problem I am stuck. Was thinking about making some home make planking clamps, but need some guidance. Don't want to purchase ones as am on a limited budget. Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
  6. Kit looks awesome Chris. I do admire the professionalism (such a word ???) and effort you put in to making up these kits. I look forward to purchasing some of these kits. Liked the Alert but must say the Speedy is really attractive and am leaning towards that kit.
  7. I am in the process of getting ready top plank the HM William, but unfortunately have discovered that I am a little short on Limewood for the first planking. Can I use Basswood in conjunction with the LImewood or is it a totallyt different wood ?
  8. Am in the process of building a couple of ships but have run into a "block" with regard to the William. As I said a little earlier, I have been away from model ship building for about 10 years and seem to have forgotten the process for making filler blocks for some of the bulkheads bow and stern. The HMS William is a little bluff in the bow. Would appreciate any help as I don't want to start planking until I have the fillers in place and the planking has something more substantial to adhere. Thanks.
  9. Just interested in potential sources in case I want to switch the planking that comes with the kits.
  10. Thanks for the update Chris. Totally understand where you are coming from. The Alert looks like a great model and I am sure the following kits be the same.
  11. A lot of good info here, but here is my problem. I live in Victoria, B.C. and I notice that the majority of wood suppliers mentioned are back East. Does anyone know of any wood suppliers in the Vancouver Island area ? Thanks.
  12. Looking to purchase some Swan Morton products. Cannot find any local distributor out this way . (British Columbia). Would appreciate any suggestion as to where I can purchase some of their equipment. THanks.
  13. Glad to be back. Working on the Bounty and just starting to get the bulkheads ready for planking. How are you doing ?
  14. Regarding the Swan Morton products - do you recall the model number(s) of the handles for the blades ?

    1. kurtvd19


      The handle I use most often is this one -



      The other one I have is linked below.  I usually keep the brand new blade in the metal handle and swith the used blade to the plastic handle - if the blade is still sharp but not pristine.



      I like the feel of the metal handle - I can hold it for extended periods of time.  However, some have said they preferred the plastic handles.  I have a very large hand which may account for my preference.  Anyway at the modest costs try both the metal and plastic.



  15. I have a Keel Klamper which is O.K., but need something sturdier so the ship can be held in place while I am working on it. I jury rigged one but didn't really work that well as the stern section kept lifting when I was gluing/nailing the deck down. Any ideas/hints would be appreciated.
  16. Thanks everyone. Glad to be back. Am having to try and remember all the intricacies in model ship building and at my age, that can take a while.
  17. Am having some difficulty nailing deck planking on my model. The deck and the top of the model do not exactly line up, so I am going to have to nail the deck down until the glue dries. Has anyone had any success with the "nail pushers ?" Appreciate any input and help. Thanks.
  18. Just a short re-introduction. I was a member of Model Ship World many years ago and built a number of ships - some finished and some remain unfinished. I took a sabbatical from ship modelling for a number of years (have 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs - that kept me busy). Have got the bug again and am in the process of trying to complete some of my unfinished ships. Currently working on the HMS Bounty.
  19. What would be the best way to unglue some wooden ship model parts ?  Have been working on the HMS Fly and have made some errors.  Used PVA glue.  Thanks for any help.

    1. chris watton

      chris watton

      You could try and dampen the parts to help release the wood glue, but it may be better contacting Amati for some replacement parts. I am sure they would be very helpful. But be aware, for most of July and August they are shut. I do not have any Amati kits here, so cannot help, I do not work for them.


      Thank you,



    2. shortgrass


      Thanks for your help Chris. 

  20. In the process of building one of my models and unfortunatley made a slight error. Now need to unstick one of the bulkheads. Used while glue. Remember a while ago there were some suggestions as to the best method to use. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  21. Looking really good Don. Like Sawdust, I look forward to seeing it up close. Well done. Dave

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