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    Reading, computers, cooking and of course modelling. I also run a web site for our City, Oakdale, California. (Sorry it's private) it uses the same software this site does, and exists as a place for the people of Oakdale to let loose and play around. It's a lot of fun. It's pretty much a shore leave site. REAL popular.

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  1. 101 is a great ride. I'll have to check out the camping up there.
  2. I wasn't familiar with Crescent City.
  3. 50 miles would put you around Weed. That's an arm pit. Even more to get to the coast. Lake Shasta is pretty cool and full of water. Around 2 hours and change. Klamath National Forrest has dozens of camp grounds.
  4. I have never seen hinges like that before.
  5. I'll have I'll have to participate in that topic. I could tell about the black eye I got. The wife asked me to take her to a restaurant where we could see food made in front of us. So I took her to Subway.
  6. let me let me introduce myself. I'm jealous.
  7. Last fall, my neighbor had a bedroom and bath added on to his house. While digging the trench for the plumbing, the contractor destroyed my landscaping on that side of the house. It took the man seven months to add the bed and bath. He promised to fix my yard when he was done. He started prevaricating big time. Like I would let them take seven months to fix my yard. Finally I had to call him and give him until the end of the month (three weeks) to get the job done. He called me a name that I can't say on here, and said nobody can see my yard so it doesn't matter. I told him to stay off my property and that I would find somebody else to do it and send him the bill. So I took him to court in Small Claims Court. Today I went there and he didn't show up. The judge liked the photos and the documentation, quotes and receipts that I presented so I easily won the case, now I have to chase him down to get the money.
  8. I think I figured out why my freezer was not maintaining a temp. $69 later and I saved myself $2000.
  9. Central Valley Central Valley California. Average summertime High 97 with a humidity of 13%. Average winter is about 54. it it rains in the winter time, but it's sunny more often than not. I've only heard thunder three times in the 14 years we've been here.
  10. did you at did you at least give her an eviction notice?
  11. 8 weeks post op, full hip replacement. My wife has been released for work, no restrictions. 'Course all she does is sit at a desk, but she's been driving for a week now.

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