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  1. Happy for her. My wife is getting happy again after having to post pone her hip replacement due to the flu. We thought it would be another month, be she goes in Monday so only one more week of suffering.
  2. My wife was supposed to have her hip replaced today. Yesterday morning she starting getting sick and didn't stop until this afternoon. I fear she'll have to wait another month.
  3. OMG! I just realized I admited that I was living in sin. Well, we never had kids so you never really can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  4. I only ever once wrote a song - and sang it on my PC. Don't remember the name of the app, this was 2001. Had what I'm assuming is a vertical keyboard... It was around 4' long like a short keyboard. Could make any sound I wanted, guitar, change the style of the guitar, violins, chello's... Reason I know it was 2001 is because I wrote the the song when the wife was at work. Then had the jocky play it at our wedding reception.
  5. Couldn't find him on the BBB. I hope I don't get half. The quote was for $2500 but I got it done for $1700 and that's what I'm suing for. It was cheaper to replace all lights with solar than to replace half with the original. Had to settle for smaller bushes too. They were out of stock for anything bigger than a 10 gallon.
  6. Thanks. Her Dr. thinks she'll be back to work in 3 weeks. I'm not so sure, we're both overweight.
  7. Wife gets her hip replaced Monday. She's stoked and so am I. Bone on bone. I hate seeing her in so much pain. I take her shoes off, I help her to bed, I lift her leg into/out of the car when we have to go to the Dr's...etc.
  8. Last spring my neighbor had a bed and bath added onto his house. Took the contractor 7 months! While digging a trench for the plumbing they dumped all the dirt onto my landscaped yard. They then ruined my cobblestone boarder, stomped 2 bushes to death and destroyed all the lighting. The contractor promised to fix it. When the project was done I thought my yard would be fixed. 1 week, no word from the contractor. Called and was told they'd be there the following week. No show. Called, and was told next week. No show. Again the next week and no show. Called and told him he had 30 days or I'd get someone else to do it and send him the bill. Asked me why I was being such a dick since no one could see that part of my yard. (I CAN!) Call me a dick?! I told him to stay off my property, that I'd get it done and send the bill. He said he wouldn't pay it. Told him I'd take him to small claims court. He said go for it. Drafted a letter to him, included photo's and quotes from 3 landscaping contractors demanding payment within 30 days. Sent it registered mail. Sent a copy to the State licensing board. Quotes 1 and 3 were $2100 and $5050 respectively. Both quotes were written on the spot. The 2nd quote was for $2550. Contractor asked me to get prices on the lights and broke the quote down by project so I could see what each part would cost. I went with the 2nd quote. Got it via email. State talked to the neighbors contractor and he offered me $250. Went to the County arbitrator who sent a letter to the contractor who ignored it. Arbitrator told me to get the work done before suing. Got it done. Went to the County web site, downloaded a bunch or forms, filled them out and drove 50 minutes to the small claims court and filed my lawsuit. $60. TODAY - I went to another City 40 minutes away to the sheriff's in Downtown Modesto. $40 to get a sheriff to serve the contractor. But wait, there's more! Cash or check only. The County sheriff doesn't take debit or credit cards. Civil servant says there's a bank a few block over there - pointing behind her. I ask for the corner street names and she says she doesn't know. I'm guessing she takes a lot of crap and has decided to be a civil servent-less. Says, down 11th street. So here I am in a downtown that's nothing but clothes for sale, lawyers and restaurants. My car is a quarter mile away because all the streets are marked police only. I start walking down 11th st, 3 blocks... Getting madder each step. Screw it, walked back to the car and went home. Visiting my neighbor today, a 93 year old WWII vet, I told him about it. He immediately Asks my why I didn't ask google. He's obsessed with google.
  9. Today my alcohol blood level dropped to below 400. I got the shakes.
  10. I'm going to get cremated so I can get use to the heat.
  11. The man cave is in the garage. Last year, I noticed a small cob web and a small spider. I decided to see how fast he could build a bigger web and how big he might get. Watched it suck fly's dry... Then I saw a baby spider and called an exterminator.
  12. It's hard to get your head around that.

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