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  1. On a similar note, I'm writing a book myself. I've had an idea for some 25 years and figured, I've read a few thousand books, how hard could it be? A neighbor is a 10th grade English lit teacher and is an avid reader. So far I have around 9,000 words - out of 80 to 100,000. I gave her a MS Word copy and asked her to read it and tell me if I'm onto story telling, or should I remain retired. She said the book didn't explain what's going on. *MY* thoughts are to let the reader figure it out as the read, She said she wants details up front. She's adamant. Anyone willing to take a few to look at a few chapters and tell me if my story is confusing as she claims? Don't worry. I won't pay you a bloody red cent.
  2. Today I got my Kindle from Amazon. I've been reading since I was 7, and go through a book every 3 days on average. I found that on Amazon Prime I can download books for free, return them and get more. Like a library. Self publisher but great books. I once spent $120 in a month on books. I just spent $90 for the Kindle and what ever Prime costs. What a money saver! I hesitated for several years, the wife asked every x-mas or birthday if I wanted one. I couldn't give up a paperback feel. Then I remembered the first time I hear a CD.
  3. I'm a poet and now you know it!
  4. She has her 1st appointment Friday. 3 and 1/2 week post op. However, it'll be 60 a week instead of 150. Different place and closer. On another note and I consider this amazing... I knew we had great insurance, but our bill for the pathology was $30 and the anesthetist was $60. Insurance company said they doubted our portion of the hospital bill would be no more than 3K. I doubt that includes the surgery. Just the hotel bill. Like someone else said. They charge by the hour. She's doing great by herself. She's been walking to the corner and back, maybe 50 yards, without her walker.
  5. This evening, I calculated the time it takes for my oven to heat. Looks like it's around 80 seconds a degree average. I asked my wife, "Who thinks about that kinda crap?" She said, "Your Dad." I took that as a compliment.
  6. All I can say is, "WOW". She was in the hotel for for 3 nights, and they didn't let her go until 4pm. Being sick the week before, of course, depleted her nutrition. Then, after surgery she got an intestinal infection causing Diarrhea. Again, no protein intake for 5 more days - on Flagyl. Today, 19 days after surgery, she's sitting all day in her chair, walking to the corner and more each day and last night she spent the first night upstairs. We're STILL waiting on the insurance company to approve P.T.!
  7. Well, let's see... The wife was supposed to have had her hip replaced on the eighteenth. She got sick the Saturday before, and it was postponed until this past Monday. This girl was bone on bone, and I had to help her onto the bed. She has been a nurse for thirty-eight years, but she still found the procedure foreboding. We'd heard wonderful things about it, we were told from friends that they were back to work within two weeks. I think, since she was sick for five days she wasn't eating or drinking, taking in no protein. I tried to get her to eat the last couple of days before the surgery, and she did okay. But after surgery, she became very nauseous. She ran a low-grade fever, and of course ate and drank nothing. When asked by the nurse, to rate her pain based on a scale of 1 to 10, she said nine. I know this to be a very stoic woman. Tuesday, she was not much better. She continued with the low-grade fever, the nausea, and a walk to the bathroom and back made her dizzy, much less walking 50 feet down the hallway. Her blood pressure was low and of course still not eating but drinking a little bit. Wednesday she called to tell me she felt really good. Assuming she would be given the boot from the hospital, I went down there. Then her blood pressure dropped, she got another low-grade fever, was getting dizzy again, and was nauseous. The doctors kept her overnight. The painkillers were making her nauseous, the lack of food making her dizzy and I don't know why her blood pressure was low. Perhaps a lack of fluids? Took her home yesterday. All she has been taking is Tylenol. She was on codeine, which obviously her stomach didn't like when empty. She's been drinking more fluids, and had one half of a piece of toast with cream cheese and homemade cherry jam. (I hope she'll be well enough to make that again soon, we are running low) fortunately she was peeing a lot which I think means she is hydrated. While describing her progress on Facebook one of my niece in-laws said I should get her some protein shakes. Brilliant! I actually got her a couple bars because she said she didn't want a shake. She ate a half of one last night, and this morning she had a whole piece of toast and a couple hours later another half of a protein bar. I've heard doctors and nurses make the worst patients, but I didn't know they were all crazy as well. I just ordered a pizza at her demand. She still taking Tylenol, and has been popping half of a codeine once in a while. She was taking two while in the hospital. She is actually starting to move around fairly well. I have to help her pull her right leg off the mattress, but I rented a hospital bed and a trapeze for thirty days for $160. She says she will be back to work in four weeks from the surgery and I say a minimum of five, most likely six.
  8. Wife had her hip replaced today. Titanium woman!!! She's everywhere, she's everywhere. She's in a lot of pain. They made her stand 2 hours after she came out of recovery. Comes home tomorrow morning. Then all the in-home therapy starts. Probably off for another 6 weeks. We'll be postponing our move, I fear. We wanted to move in June, but that's pushing it.
  9. Happy for her. My wife is getting happy again after having to post pone her hip replacement due to the flu. We thought it would be another month, be she goes in Monday so only one more week of suffering.
  10. My wife was supposed to have her hip replaced today. Yesterday morning she starting getting sick and didn't stop until this afternoon. I fear she'll have to wait another month.
  11. OMG! I just realized I admited that I was living in sin. Well, we never had kids so you never really can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  12. I only ever once wrote a song - and sang it on my PC. Don't remember the name of the app, this was 2001. Had what I'm assuming is a vertical keyboard... It was around 4' long like a short keyboard. Could make any sound I wanted, guitar, change the style of the guitar, violins, chello's... Reason I know it was 2001 is because I wrote the the song when the wife was at work. Then had the jocky play it at our wedding reception.

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