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  1. As always your posts are so informative I feel I can throw out the instructions when I start my build. Great work. I will be waiting anxiously for your next post.
  2. Very nice description of what you have done. I will be following closely as the NB whaleboat will be my next build.
  3. Alistair, thanks for the tip. Steve, I kept my hole a little smaller than 3/8in, I can always make it bigger if necessary.
  4. I've completed the deck planking and was even able to start making the deck furniture. I left the cap rail off for now. The deck furniture is not glued in as yet, I'll do that after I install the cannons and rigging, that way the deck will be clear. hoping not to get any snagged lines. See you soon.
  5. I woke up this morning to my sons (7 & 9) telling me your birthday present comes today. Well I went to work as usual. I design and build models. Yea what a great place to work and get paid. I saw a box from model expo. I sat through dinner. Then the outer rapping came off. The New Bedford Whaleboat. I got great kids. I resisted the temptation to open the box. Kids are in bed now. Temptation gone MY NEXT BUILD IS HERE.
  6. Thanks a lot Russ. I took my time and finally learned spilling, it started out as trial and error and a lot of wasted plank sections but it turned out ok.
  7. A few more pics. And now to repair that bow. The walnut supplied is very brittle and not sized correctly so a lot of sanding and adjustments in sizes is necessary. Its only wood and a lot of fun.
  8. Its been a while since my last post. Summertime with the kids out of school. I've been able to get some modeling done though. I've been able to plank the hull and paint. Pics follow. I made a few changes to the build. I did not put in the unused gunports and squared off the stern a bit. the taffrail is not curved as it should be (still contemplating this) may make a change depending on how I feel in the next day or two. more to come.
  9. Bow filler blocks and stern frames are installed. The dremel helped a lot with the sanding. Next up timberheads and knightsheads then fairing some more before planking.
  10. I haven't posted in a while. I've been in consultation with the admiral about acquiring more space for the shipyard, it was getting crowded. Excess real estate was not allowed for expansion. So thinking out the box and remembering I had some plywood in the storeroom I decided that if I could not build out I would build up. I think I won that battle, and she is pleased with the result. YEA.
  11. Very nice work, I also am building the Virginia. Its on the back burner for now while I complete the MS Armed Virginia sloop. Keep up the good work.
  12. Alistair, Wish you were here so I could have a private tutor. Beautiful work.
  13. Ken, Ryland, Thanks for the tips. I've been working on that last bulkhead trying to get that upward curve as smooth as possible. Taking my time to get it just right.
  14. Ken, I thought about the support struts but Bob Hunt's practicum didn't call for them. Its not too late though. Every time I walk by the ship I sand a little more. Guess I'm just picky about the way things look.
  15. Thanks Ken, your AVS is an exceptional build. I don't know if I can even come close. I know I can't make sails.
  16. I've installed the sub-decks and faired the bulkheads. I also managed to break a couple stantions in the process. They were an easy fix though. They are FRAGILE.
  17. Alistair, Thanks for the advice. I've been following the practicum to the letter and its worked out great so far. Just thought I could cut corners which may not be a good idea. Why mess with a good thing.
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