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  1. This is one of the many kits Im selling at Ebay. I built one of this kits and showed here. I know is my because of the paintings in the back wall. Thats my other hobby...oleo paintings. I dont know if I could sell kits on this website, otherwise I would display them here. Will some one please, tell me if this is posible.
  2. Your windows are amazing. Why materials did you use. Im about to start building this model.
  3. Hi David, Am I glad you are tackling this build. Im buying this model today so I’ll be your number one fan and will follow every step of the way on your posts.
  4. This kit I found on EBay for $20
  5. All f the interior components are scratch built after seen other models like it.
  6. Again this kit I built with the help of pictures colected on the web. I did this for my wife since she wanted to decorate with a "Coastal Motiff"
  7. This is a kit batching build. I used an old Laughing Whale Friendship Sloop hull parts only, everything you see from Rub Rails on up was completly scratch built.
  8. I added catheads according to other post of the same model I have seen from you guys.
  9. Also the capstan still need some work to be done. Accidently broke some parts.
  10. The rails are still missing. I will install them after the rigging is done, this way I have more room to work the ropes.
  11. Thanks for the effort. I will be anxiously waiting. From the one picture of the plans you post, I can see lots of details I need. I will post pictures of my model today when I learn how to do it. Thanks a million. Julian
  12. Hi Popeye My name is Julian and Im also building an Imai 1/40 Half Moon. Your log has been a great inspiration and very informative therefore saving me lots of headaches since this is my first big wooden model ship. For many years I built and compete with lots of plastic models so it was time for me to take a big leap and tackle the wooden kits. So I started with the Laughing Whale "Friendship Sloop" and the "Cat Boat". After taking a bit of confidence is when I started to build my very old Imai Half Moon 1/40. But.....in one of your post I could see the actual Bi
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