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  1. Hi everyone this is my last build Pazar caique. this is a traditional bosphorus boat used frequently back in empiral times for cargo or passanger transportation. I am done with the hull and the decks. next will be the cargo on the boat.
  2. thank you very much :-) weathering on the wooden parts are pretty easy, i first applied one or two coats of gloss varnish used in yatch decks. when dried applied 1 or two coats of pinotex as a wash. salt streaks on the hull are water based acyrlics, apply them as little dots with the bruh tip and used vertical brush strikes. also sanded pastel chalk works very well for darkening the edges such as deck buildings meet the deck. the rust was made via acyrilics and pastel chalk again. for the sea creatures etc. on the keel, i used table salt. sprey water to the keel and applied t
  3. many thanks Bob :-) deck; after the deck was planked, I put some coal dust on it and rubbed it. the coal particles then accumulated in the recesses between the planks. later on, I applied 2 layers of gloss varnish (the ones we use for any wood work), when dried I did some washing with walnut pinotex (this should not be so much as it covers and darkens everywhere), so the recesses between the planks were further darkened by this way, lastly I added some pastel chalk to corners (where deck meets bulwarks or the deck buildings) salt streaks; these are ordinary white acryli
  4. some more weathering on the hull, basically I added some rust effect (hope not too much). adding rust via chipping using rust color acyrlics gives a wonderfull effect, but easily gets out of control for me :-) so used used pastel chalks,which gives a more diffuse rust effect.
  5. Hello everbody I have started this model long time ago but did some progress only recently. This is a tug boat that have been in service for quite long time in İstanbul Bosphorus, later renovated and currently used as a museum boat. This is my first model that i used airbrush and copper plating. some more weathering such as salt streaks will be added.
  6. I have used expanding foam in a previous build of mine. after expansion and completely dried I pressed on it, apply another layer so that it became slightly solid. I did not try to glue the planks on it (gues CA will melt it) but it served as a base for the planks to lay, supporting planks especially in tight turns. nice and easy method but really sticky and messy :-) mehmet
  7. Thank you Griphos, these kind of boats are not in service for a quite long time, I dont have much info about the engine type or so...
  8. thanks a lot :-) sea surface is epoxy resin and acrylic medium gel. after resin is dried completely I added medium gel randomly, when dried looks like ripples. water from the pump is thin stripe of transparent folder cover, covered with hot glue. later on I added some resin on it. you can bend it the way you want then.
  9. hello I guess I am finished :-) an apparatus for fixing the rudder will be added to the stern.
  10. Thank you very much. I also think that this boat is more suitable for shore in reality, but I will use it as a working boat. my problem is this actually, I can not weather the boats in an acceptable way for service :-) hope will achieve one day...
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