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  1. Hi. I'm currently building the Bluenose myself and using Bob's practicum. I think you were using it too. I'm soon to be starting the rigging but I notice from the practicum, Bob doesn't do all the lines. I haven't started yet but it's my first ship and I'm trying to get in as much detail as possible. I've been following your build and it's helped me so much with small detail that's hard to make out on the plans. I want to replicate the rigging as much as I can. Bobs practicum has helped me so much but I'm the kind of person who wants as much detail in as I can. Any advice? Your brass bits are
  2. Some progress pics after painting the hull. Never painted a surface with 3 different colours so that was a bit challenging. Turned out nice though. I just drilled the scuppers. Too hard to make the proper shape so I'll leave as is.
  3. Hi guys. Took a few weeks off from doing the ship. I'm now onto painting the hull but I'm a bit confused as to how to mark the water line where the white strip is. Can anyone who built the model give me some tips on painting the hull please. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Bob. I appreciate that. Just a couple of questions on what u said. What's different on the plans to the practicum on the painting and deck furniture as I'll be doing those next. I'll look at the plans myself but I just find them so hard to understand from what I've read so far. And on the scuppers... Bob didn't do them himself. I tried to do them but the holes never looked the same if u get me. Very hard to get them all even. I even tried making them bigger but when drilling from the inside out, some of the filler kept breaking off and make them look even worse so I just filled them in
  5. Few more progress pics. Painting the false timbers and waterways was straight forward. Adding the caprail at the stern was grand but the two small bits of wood under it didn't fit properly so I had to redo some of that piece of wood as you can see in the pictures. The rest of the rails were fine. Just need to sand the stern a bit before I start painting the hull.
  6. Thanks Tector. Yeah I added a slight curve after. I just find the instructions for a beginner to be very hard to understand. Without the practicum, there's no way I could have done it so far. Maybe once I get my first build out of the way, I'll understand it better.
  7. Hi guys. Just a couple of photos of the deck after a couple of coats of poly and sanding. Great shine off it in the light. Was on holidays the last week so hopefully get stuck back into it this week.
  8. Hi guys. A few more pics of the build. I'm not one for explaining what I'm doing in each picture but any questions, I'll answer. Still some work to do on the stern. Think there's a slight curve in, so I'll either leave it or sand it a bit to create a curve, but overall so far, I'm happy with it.
  9. It is rock hard but the hull turned out nice. I'd use it again as I found sanding it with 80grit did the job. Products like Elmers and minwax only to be got in the states which is a balls but I'm sure other products do much the same job. It is my first ship kit so it's all a learning curve for me. Got great support from this forum so thanks everyone 👍👍
  10. It's very hard and shiny too after sanding as u can see in picture attached. Not sure if all fillers look that way. I literally covered the whole hull and sanded till I got it smooth so it's thin in places but thicker in other areas.
  11. Thanks you again for a great reply. The filler I used is ronseal multipurpose wood filler for general wood repairs.
  12. Thanks very much lads. I think I just over think things. I was the same with the planking. I ended up doing a good job in the end. I think I'll just go with the shellac to seal it and prime and paint it then. Not used to painting at all. If I'm to do several light coats, what grit sandpaper will I do between coats? Thanks again.
  13. As u can see, the hull is almost all covered with fillers. Don't know if that makes any difference?
  14. Thanks for your reply. I was advised to seal it with poly. Got myself in a twist then looking up different sealers and using acrylic over poly. Everyone seems to be right but no two answers are the same so I just got confused. The paint I'm using or thinking of using is the paint I got from model shipways. I bought the paint set to suit the bluenose.
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