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  1. I just don't rig canons as personally I prefer it that way. I still do all the other rigging.
  2. I rather agree with you. I never rig cannons as, when I have tried the ropes etc never look to scale and do detract from other deck detail. Each to his/her own of course.
  3. Thank you, that is very kind. I have done the masts according to the given measurements rather than take them off the plan but I may ask you about the yards when I get to them.
  4. As a matter of interest, are you taking measurements from the plans consistently ? My reason for asking is that I am making up the masts. The plan has measurements on it but the drawing which is supposed to be 1:1 is very different. The measurements given are considerably longer. It may be something for you to bear in mind. What do you think ?
  5. You are quite right, I know my computer needs changing!! Sorry and your doors look very fine.
  6. Thank you my friend, I ordered some of the gold paint you recommended and it arrived today. I have to say it is the best gold paint I have ever used and believe me, I have tried a lot!
  7. Thank you very much I shall order some. Your build is coming along beautifully, I too am building one and I am at the same stage as you are. I shall keep watching with interest.
  8. Have you repainted your cast pieces and if so what with ? Your brass straps look amazing, I am having a real struggle with them.
  9. louise steam boat

    Hello, did you still have the english instruction for that constructo model

    mine it's only in chinese it will be helpful to have it in english or frenck

    Many thanks

  10. I didn't do the hasegawa sopwith because I am not keen on all the plastic parts. If money is no object try the Curtiss Jenny. Not cheap but if you like rigging it is definitely for you!
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