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  1. I am back! Real Life stole time from me but things have calmed and now I have time for the important things in life I am preparing for my second layer of planking, currently I am finishing off my stern
  2. Here is a quick camera phone shot (disregard all the distortion ) That is the clamping of the last plank on the upper hull. Next I start cutting gun ports, then I apply the veneer planking. Need a clamp?
  3. I need to sneak a macro lens purchase past my Obersturmführer..... for now I will have to make do with my stock 50- 35mm lens . Problem with my 35mm camera is it does not wirelessly transfer pics. Overall I am lazy, I prefer shooting the pic and uploading it as opposed to shooting then connecting to my pc with a wire and uploading from there. I will discipline myself and no longer shoot pics of my WIP off my phone.
  4. Fear & Loathing with lens distortion. I went down the entire lower hull with my contour gauge, and found a few deviations and corrected them. The majority of my prior hull pics were the result of lens distortion off my camera phone. I re-shot the hull with my 35mm camera and added the phone shots for comparison. There is still some slight distortion with the 35mm but nothing compared to phone! Next up is building the bulwark, then scuppers and gun ports, then stem/keel/stern post/ solepiece, and then secondary planking. Though I am considering moving the carving of the scupp
  5. Sam I am working my contour gauge over the hull.... so far a few minor deviations that I smoothed out. I think the pictures are just plain bad and deceiving. I am going to re post some shots with guide lines and a grid background after I confirm the rest of the lower hull.
  6. Here are a few shots of the Lower Hull first planking. Next step is to decide how to plank the Scuppers and Bulwarks. My kit (the old version) only suggests a single planking where the newer kit planks in two widths thick on the Bulwark. After some research there does appear to be precedent for both. As the first captain complained the Bulwark was not bullet proof and later this was 'thickened'. After the Bulwark is complete and gun ports cut I will vaneer the entire hull. I am not sure why the lines down the center look so askew in the pics.... I think it was the angle I shot
  7. Well I am only 4 planks from finishing the lower hull and hoped to have pics up tonight but.... instead I spent the day snaking my pipes and bathing in sewage. Hopefully tommorow I will have the pics up. If the plumbing holds
  8. Well things slowed down a little with the hull planking, particularly after my first major mistake. I added four strakes for the Main Wale (now I have three) that were not tapered. This resulted in a crowded stern and bow. Fortunately this is the 'first planking' and any major strake mis-alignments will be concealed by the 'second planking' with the supplied veneer. Yet I want to run the 'first plank' strakes as close to the 'second planking' if only to practice, though it will absolutely improve the 'second planking process'. My last 'out' concerning hull irregularities should be concea
  9. The planking has begun! For all intents and purpose I am on nominally following my limited instructions and looking at a variety of research and completed kits. I consider this a Scratch-Kit, the components are excellent but the instructions meh . If you look close at the pic I have left a 3mm separation from the hull strakes and the sheer line of the deck. Here I will attach the scupper strakes and build up the bulkhead. After some discussion with Sam, I have a plan for working the waterway and scuppers. I suspect the hull will take another week to complete. My plans for the hull are
  10. Sam, I do have 2 sets of plans but mine are reversed from yours my #1 is rigging. My #2 shows two hull views: a profile and a birds eye view of the deck. My #1 shows the scupper marks and the gun ports along with some notation of strikes. It becomes confused as rigging info is mixed in. I am working off the plans but using pictures from other builds to heavily supplement my research as I build. I am not sure I understand when you stated, "You will alternately plank inboard then outboard till you reach the proper height." Are you saying my bulwark strakes should be double width (4mm), that is
  11. I am perplexed by how the instructions describe building the scuppers (and I assume the waterways also, as they are not directly mentioned in the instructions or plans). The instructions read: "Glue two nr. 23 strips (2x6mm sapele) onto the upper part of the hull in the gap left between the deck and planks used for planking the hull." I can read this two ways. 1: The hull strakes begin 3mm below the sheer line of the deck; so the FIRST scupper strake sits on the upper most hull strake and extends 3mm above the sheer line of the deck. The SECOND scupper strake is glued to the first and
  12. I have planked the false deck and false poop deck. One question I have for those in the know: What type of wood should I use for the Margin Planks? I can not find any reference to it in the instructions (these instructions are truly a masochist's dream)
  13. Ha! Happy Birthday old men... both of you .... I am but a young sprite having turned 45 last November I'll take the youngest in the room anytime! I just finished planking the main deck and will work on the after deck this evening. I hope to have pics up on my build log tomorrow night.
  14. Half of the main deck planked. My plank decking jig is in the back of the picture. I am cutting the planks to 80mm.
  15. I do not have any information on the Golden Kit. Yes this is the 'older' version... it is a nice kit just lean on instructions
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