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  1. I stopped buying large bottles of CA for that very reason. Now I buy many small bottles and store the unopened ones in the fridge.
  2. Thanks Louie and K, and the likes. I am working off pictures of that replica K and will use some of the elements in the final paint scheme but not all the designs. The kit is much different from the replica which I why I am not using the very wide rails that came in it, for instance. I have added all of the bulwark extensions and sanded those down that are flush with the deck planking. I then used a sanding drum on the Dremel to angle the tops of those extensions. I also added rail supports across the front of the forecastle, which will have a pin rail and a rail.
  3. I made a primitive thread coloring machine which is just a dowel with a crank on one side and a dowel to hold the thread spool on the other with a tray in the middle to dip the line in. I crank the line with one hand and hold it in the tray with a piece of styrofoam with the other. I can color a lot of line in a few minutes this way. I let it dry on the crank then wrap it back onto another spool. It does come out with a pretty consistent color this way. I use brown liquid shoe polish from a bottle and get a medium tan color.
  4. I continue to add the bulwark extensions and as of this morning I have most of them glued on. I used a sanding drum in the Dremel to get the port extensions at the two upper decks almost flush with the hull planks, then sanding blocks to get them flush. I will do the same to the other extensions on the main and forecastle decks after I install the rail, sanding them flush to the rail. I have also started making the pin rails that will be pinned to the extensions. I need to make a pin rail that goes across the front of the forecastle too.
  5. I have started adding supports under the overhanging parts of the upper decks and the bulwark extensions. I am trying to line these up so they look like a single piece of wood that goes through the deck with some success. Here you can see the supports under the forecastle deck. Here I am gluing the supports under the first aft upper deck as well as the port bulwark extension above one of them. And here I am gluing most of the extensions on the two aft upper decks and the first extension that will support a rail on the fore castle . Luckily I ha
  6. Thanks Popeye. I have the fitting that goes over the slot on the lower deck too. What did you do with the opening in the upper deck? Did you just plank to the edges of the opening?
  7. I have finished planking the two aft upper decks. I added the coaming around the whipstaff opening then planked around it. For the mast hole, I first drilled the hole in some basswood sheet, then cut out a rectangle around it that was two planks wide. After fitting it in the space, I split it down the middle and glued the two halves to the deck. This made a much better hole than trying to file it into two separate planks. I sanded the decks and added the fake treenails. I am going to make the bulwark extensions from curved strip wood. I soaked a long piece of 1/8" squa
  8. This is the area I was talking about in the last post. There is a post that comes up through the deck below, called a whipstaff, that is attached to the tiller below the main deck. I opened up a slot in the main deck for the whipstaff by drilling a series of holes and connecting them with a file. There is a trim piece that goes over the slot. I am working on the coaming that will go around the opening on the upper deck before I plank that deck. I have finished planking all the bulkheads so I need to sand and finish those up too.
  9. Jeff, give painting the trail boards a try. I was intimidated at first but is turned out to be pretty straight forward.
  10. I finished planking the forecastle deck and added the fake treenails. I have the two aft decks to plank but before I do that I want to add a coaming around the opening in the first upper deck. I thought this was a hatch but the opening is for the steering column that comes up from the lower deck.
  11. I did get the idea from you Popeye. I am following your build log pretty closely for this ship.
  12. The admiral is back to work so I have more time to spend in the shop now. I finished planking the bulwarks on the fore and aft upper decks and started sanding the planks. I used a sanding drum in a Dremel tool to get the planks close to the transom then a sanding block to make them flush with the transom planks. I also used the sanding drum to cut in the other two curves in the bulwarks on each side. I am bending a thin plank to put over the top of the transom and I will sand the top bulwark plank to be flush with it. I added more planks to the fore and aft bulkheads o
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