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  1. 112 guns is ready on 90%. More of them will be not seen - they willbe for two gun decks bellow. Later the guns who will be in the main deck, will take more modifiacitons Used paint: Valeho Bronze - No: 70998 Assembling the working station:
  2. More armament: Used paints: Gunze H23 - Red, XF-19 Linoleum deck broun - Tamya, X-18 Semi Gloss Black - Tamya
  3. Hello to all here First I want to introduse muself - My name is Mihail, and I'm form Sofia, Bulgaria. Before 4 years ago I made my firs sale ship - it was dissaster Now I sarted a new project: Heller's Soleil Royal in 1/100 scale. I will made a lot of modificatiins on this ship - woodne decks for example, and I try to show here the hole proces of building. Se let's start: First for trainig I made some of main decks: It's not so good, I will remade them again later The armament:
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