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  1. has anyone seen the new scroll saw by dremel? costs about 80 bucks. I was wondering if its a good saw for cutting planks and such John
  2. I to am getting ready to build my not so first model. (first one destroyed by flood) its a solid hull and requires painting above the water line. What do most people use? brush or air?
  3. Hello Mike im also getting into the hobby. My first half build was the prince before it got destroyed by a flood. Im going to start on the Phanthom. Its great reading your logs and gives me confidence. In a few minutes after I get off the forum im heading straight to modelexpo. The sales they have going now are to good to pass up. I will be closely watching you. John
  4. I have a question about the pencil option. Do you use the pencil along the deck lines after the deck is built, or do you use the pencil scraped along the edge of the plank before attaching it to the deck?
  5. Hey Ulises I can use my daughters curling iron. One question, do you have to soak the plank first?
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