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  1. Hey Dan! Been a while, just came to check what you were up to and its nice to see you are still at it doing amazing work as always.
  2. What I did for the bow grating was make an outline by transfering the shape of the opening to a peice of paper. I was able to use this outline as a layout. I then got the peices together and make sure they fit perfectly within the outline before putting it all together. Only minor sanding was required for the perfect fit.
  3. Well im thinking she is finally complete, minus the sails. Some final pics....
  4. The anchor looks great, I see what you mean now by making it look like wood. You did a great job with it. My kit came with those parts already in black so I didnt have to paint the anchor.
  5. Yes the anchor stock was replaced with wood. I tried to highlight the peices I replaced with wood throughout the log.
  6. Hmm which parts are you refering too? Many of the metal parts I replaced with scratch built ones that I made so they may very well be wood : oD. Any metal parts you do see are probably bare. I may have coated the cannons with clear miniwax polyurethane. I use the same prodoct on all the wood parts. And thanks again guys! Feedback is always much appreciated.
  7. I ended up using a seized rope with hooks to hold the anchor. I have also re-installed the boom. I was short on material and the original was actually 2 peices glued together but a small bump broke them apart. I was able to find another apple wood dowel and made a new one. I have chose to leave certain things out of this build such as the badges and flags. They are just not to my taste. I am still unsure of what to do about the sails. I certainly will not be using the ones provided in the kit in their current condition SO my next update may be the last.
  8. I am still waiting for a violin block to arrive so I can finish the bracing. In the meantime I have mounted the Lantern and rigged the anchors. I ended up adding an extra peice of trim to the back of the stern to accept the Lantern post. The stern wall was only 2.5 mm so I added a 1.5mm trim peice just to have a little extra. Im still trying to deciede how to hold up the other side of the anchor.
  9. Nice! Planking looks great. I really wish I had more knowledge when I did mine. I have just mounted my Lantern. I found it was a good idea to add a peice of trim horizontally onto the back of the stern right above the hole. The stern was only 2.5 mm so I added the extra peice of trim to have a bit more wood to accept the Lantern. I will post a pic next time I update my log , maybe tomorrow.
  10. I have been working on the yard braces. I still have 2 more to do but I ran out of violin blocks(actually I didn't run out, I am 99.9 %sure my cat pulled it off the yard somehow haha). I am pretty happy with the way it is coming out. It has made me question whether to put the sails on or not as they hide so much work. Plus I am still a little confused as to how to rig the sails to the yards as well as how to rig the sails themselves. In the instructions it looks like there are blocks attached to the bottom corners of the sails but im not sure. Any links to tutorials or close up photos would be much appreciated.
  11. I am sorry to derail this thread but can anyone tell me how to thread the sails to the yards? Thank you.
  12. Hey guys! This is a pretty big update for me. My log is finally caught up and after almost 3 years I have finally finished the ratlines! Next I will start working on the yard braces. I also have to figure out how to rig up the sails. Here is some pics of how she currently sits...(sorry for the poor quality photos, the site made me resize them and I don't know much about that)

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