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  1. ccoyle mentions the Caldercraft Mars. I brought it in 2005 and after much stopping and starting have only a few hours work to finish it. I wonder if Chris designed this brig? It was a pretty straight forward build for a novice. An old school modeler Keith Julier favorably reviewed it and that's why I brought it. Looking forward to building Chris's Alert next and then I'll contemplate my next purchase. Not sure about which kit but certain it will be from Vanguard. regards Malcolm
  2. It maybe that Chris's Amati Victory design and Chris's Vanguard's Royal George are heading toward a two or three year release date. That would be a great head to head battle. I suspect not to many folk could buy or build both??? Chris is an expert now, he'll be a super expert in a few years time. I think the Royal George is a fantastic flagship and a build to aspire to. Malcolm
  3. Poor quality materials and poor instructions/plans often risk first timers remaining first timers. In the 1980's I brought the AL Endeavor that completely baffled me and it ended up in the rubbish bin. I've had another go in the modern era and I am now thoroughly enjoying this hobby that I originally thought was beyond me. regards Malcolm
  4. Marvelous looking and interesting model. I like the comment from Wahka_est "One man army against the big manufacturers"! Malcolm
  5. fantastic build and log, thanks for sharing. I have this kit on the shelf and your efforts are both inspirational and a little bit intimating. Well done and lots of help for the novice. Malcolm
  6. Perhaps ac stencil might work

  7. Interesting discussion about decals. In my experience decals require very specific techniques, including correct preparation of the surface, and various chemicals to obtain really good results; and that is on plastic/styrene. I don't know how decals would behave on wood. Larger decals can increase the difficulty in my experience, and the potential for error. Chuck is spot on, poorly applied decals look awful and are the first thing the eye will focus on. I think that paper, card, PE, others metals, resin, plastic and decals can all have a place enhancing wooden scale models. It will be
  8. Cleat pack great idea. Deck looks fantastic. Extremely impressive effort getting the laser producing items of this standard only weeks after purchase. regards Malcolm
  9. Congratulations Chris on your second kit. What a fantastic and exciting time in this hobby with your entry into kit manufacture. I plan to purchase another kit from you , but have to keep my powder dry & wait to see what exciting larger ships come on stream next year. Very much looking forward to what is next. regards Malcolm
  10. What about the CSS Alabama for an idea?? Great example of sail/steam transition era, maybe a welcome change of pace for you Chris?? Might be a hit with the larger US market?? Malcolm
  11. Excellent posts Chris, you really are an expert. I very much enjoy your posts and the comments of other followers. Your speed and volume of work is amazing.
  12. I agree, my Alert arrived all the way to New Zealand safe and sound (very well packaged). The kit contents and instruction manual look fantastic. Congratulations Chris on this kit. What a great start. Malcolm
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