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  1. Nice work so far Mike. I've thrown that one together basically in a week with no aftermarket. Tamiya will spoil you very quickly with their excellent fit.
  2. Thanks Richard. I've found dry transfers tough to apply directly on the model. You get one shot at getting alignment correct, whereas you can "float" a water slide decal around into final position. I used dry transfers (Woodland Scenics) on my Cruizer class Sophie build, but did them on a separately applied name plate.
  3. David, It should be the topgallant shrouds. They were set up with thimbles and lanyards in the top. This is the same way my Cruizer rigging was set up, based on the brig Irene book. The lower thimble is seized behind the lower deadeye. Rig the lanyard as you would for lower stays between hearts for example, reeving between the two thimbles. I cheated on mine and simply secured the topgallant shroud to a decent sized eyebolt behind the deadeyes. I figured there was no way I was going to be able to rig it back there otherwise with the other rigging in the way, and it is
  4. Thanks for the nice words. I did paint it below the water line, natural finish above and painted wales.
  5. Nice work so far. She builds into a beautiful model with some effort. Good idea with the boxwood, I did so as well and it made a big difference compared to the kit walnut.
  6. Thanks Mike. The letters are quite opaque, even over the black with just one layer. Lining up a second on top would have been fun! It wasn't too difficult to get them lined up as you have multiple chances to "float" them into position, unlike dry transfers where you get one shot. They key was just water, no decal solution, so they don't start to soften. I came back with Micro Set afterward. They are from Microscale.
  7. Nice work so far David, and nice job with the transom issue. Hopefully you aren't in no man's land the rest of the way!
  8. Bit of an update. The model is mounted on it's baseboard, which is made from rosewood, with two simple brass rods to hold it in place. Rare event for me to get this done so early, as I'm usually trying to carefully mount a fully rigged model! I also completed a number of deck fittings such as the main and fore hatches, the galley hatch, the wheel box, dory cradle, quarter bitts and a few other little things. It's fun to have to scratch build most all of this as MS only provides wood and plans.
  9. On my build I made several jigs of varying length to bend new wire loops for the chainplates. They can't all be the same length, due to the angles. There are pictures in my build log.
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