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  1. Good to hear Mike. It does look good. The difference could lie in that I used copper tape vs. the plates. Mine therefore had a bit of stretch/flexibility that the plates don't have.
  2. Good start Mike. When I did Cruizer (same hull) I did one belt and then a one row belt at the waterline. It worked out well with no issues, looks good and would certainly be easier. That drawing is a two-decker so deeper hull, which would likely have a different run than a brig. There are some pictures in my build log.
  3. Thanks for linking my build in here Bob, I appreciate that.
  4. Good question actually as it did take some effort. Each loop is individually glued down with white glue and then a weight was put on until dry. I repeated with each subsequent layer. Wouldn't stay put otherwise and gave much better control of the lay. Thanks to everyone else as well, and the "likes".
  5. I have completed the ratlines on both masts, which really wasn't too bad with the limited number of shrouds. Lantern boards were built and painted and secured with thin brass brackets seized to the shrouds per the plans. I also soldered up the topmast spreaders from brass wire and seized those to the shrouds as well, to keep the stay clear of the lantern boards. I didn't really document the booms being fabricated and assembled/painted, but their installation has begun. The hardware was made from various brass strips and wire. Their rigging has also begun with sheets and topping lifts run. I am using Bluejacket blocks, as Latham had internally stropped blocks, and Syren line for the running rigging.
  6. It's obviously your decision Chuck on which way to go, and everyone should respect what you ultimately decide. But...since you asked I would also say keep blocks. Much for the same reasons others have stated. Thanks!
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