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  1. Sorry I haven't been updating, but my summer became really busy and I haven't had time, but fall is now here (yet winter) and I usually get laid off. I did start another ship though... "Sovereign of the Seas" 1/84 scale and have gotten quite into this ship, mainly because of the size, but the looks, when this ship is done is breathtaking. I going to try to get the Harriet Lane going real soon too!
  2. I'm following because I like what's happening! Great Job, and the detail. Very impressed Dimitris!
  3. Money was either there or not in them days. They also needed boats that did the work to their own needs. Funny, that money thing still has an effect on how things run?
  4. I'm glad you are reposting this build. Very detailed work to be done, but I like it. Becoming more intrigued of buying this kit.
  5. It's a ship I someday would like to take on. Incredible job! Outdoor shots bring it to life! Well done!
  6. Wow! Great job. Like the color scheme very much and the stained cherry wood. I think the idea of going with what one desires is the way to build some of the ships, boats. It's something that's going to be displayed in your own home. I really like what your doing!
  7. I found with this kit that the chain they included was even too small for the smallest eyehook, so I had to find another chain. I will use there chain for the anchors and for the rudder safety chain. ' Paddle wheels in place now along with the brass sponson support rods. Helm building in place and the smoke stack with chains. The rudder is still needing to be placed in, but am waiting for some very thin strips of brass to use as hinges. The paddlehouses have their platforms on them, along with a brass railing that attaches to the floor as the kit did not come with enough fife rail
  8. Great job, well done. The rigging is awesome as well as the whole ship!
  9. I completed the smoke stack, drilling out the top, placing the copper strips around the dowel and setting the vent pipe and whistle in place. As soon as I finish the hull I will start getting the paddle wheels in place and things going on the deck that need to be done.
  10. Finally received the material for doing the rest of the hull on the Harriet Lane. Comes from Cornwall Model Boats, UK. These are fake copper plates on a thin sheet of wood: 3mm x 6mm. Shipping in Canada is brutal as I think everything from the east is shipped west by canoe. This took just about a month to receive. I painted the entire hull copper as I was initially going to leave it this way as I was getting impatient for the material. The wait was worth it though, as you can see by what it looks like on the one side of the ship. It's not done all the way to the keel yet, but so far I
  11. This is what I did for the pilot house. I think it looks better than placing paper onto a block of wood? Won't mount the pilot house for a bit yet.
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