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  1. This monster is 3 feet long. The screw is sand cast brass. Decals are handmade dry transfers using the Decal Pro method. Display case is is also scratch built.
  2. 192 Scale USS Ohio SSGN version scratch built for her commanding officer
  3. Hey Shipmates! Comes a time when you just got too much and not enough space or time. So here I am. I have two of the very old solid hull, carve your own whale boat Charles Morgan Kits from Model Shipways. I also have all the metal parts for a third. In addition I have the plastic Lindberg River boat Robert E. Lee, A Aurora box of parts for the whaling ship Wanderer (no hull,) and a plastic Nantucket Lightship. $250 for everything and $25 Shipping in the USA
  4. This is a TANG class diesel submarine. This class is the first US-designed post-war submarine. Internal and some of the external features of this class were taken from the German TYPE XI, and XXIIIclass "electro-boats."
  5. Friends if you think you might be having a heart-related issue. Get to a Hospital fast. I almost shipped off to Fiddler's Green on Sunday. Two surgeries later and still in drydock. Would have been less damage to my main recirc pump had I gone when I was having pain.
  6. I don't mean to make mountains out of molehills or be dramatic, however, doing research sometimes leads even us not so bright people into questions. I Need some help. Any welders, marine engineers, or shipwrights I need your opinion. Suppose we have a ship 15 years old. Designed for one load line, however, it was decided to increase the load line with no internal work. During inspection, it was noticed the hull plates and the keel welds were separating, and the keel was hogged. Repairs were to use steel plates and wedges welded between the keel and the plates. Wo
  7. built from scratch and using Evens LED lighthouse light. 4 feet tall
  8. From many years ago. My COB found this and posted it.
  9. These guys have some great bases for your waterline type projects. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.coastalkits.co.uk%2Fnewstore%2Fships.html%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0w-i8geoT0l2ymhm1R-7Rht0w0dhlQCC7QMmHhGRF-OD2afRNQnvEdS6I&h=AT07OBoXAXmm5i4u_JKyrid-TAhjAL1J_2p--8W2zsMSdy_wB8FfyYy3ExVSgmjxk3k_WkzZjpQC2mLN8ajkEgeVKjESb-Fk336d8nrY4JqgezbaavT2vupaXY-J8xfxdx3-rh_DYNJ07_TBAWDLldBkdqHcn0j_bmZMMAU67PyXPjqk348XmB7dMeaNTot6AoYn7UGEIG1976BbZTJ__Mfgletpwngzbh4xSHgrPanhAyP0HblBpHMJivFkKiTY37ai6JILcXVZOiIWn7H-Z5ZeglahZYmEWkyCL6d6GmOOCRlug2rQyl5jlSqzRDwCi4eVIucgofmMekJhRQaIKughX6uTiBmVJ
  10. The last American Diesel Powered Submarine. Dolphin was decommissioned on 15 January 2007. She was used in testing various projects over her long career. The submarine s now a museum in San Diego CA. Model in 1/350 by Don Meadows
  11. Roger the only place on a Nuclear Submarine is the battery well. This wood is Rock Maple. It is boiled in wax for 24 hours. Every bit is therefore impregnated with the wax. This is done to prevent friction, and to lessen static in the well. The wood I have is from the DALLAS when she decommissioned. That was the finest submarine of the four I served on. I also have some from Trident class Boats. Each time the batteries are changed out they have to replace the wood. I also have some from the LaJolla. I do lots of projects for shipmates with it
  12. A tutorial I did for some impatient folks who wondered why making their scratch built submarine models took so long.
  13. The cheaper the magazine the better. Most have that plastic coating, but the higher quality the paper the harder it is to remove the paper and leave the toner. Whatever you use just please be careful. Every one of you, in my opinion, is a master modeler and we need to keep that talent intact.
  14. The paper needed is the annoying advertisement paper that comes with the newspaper. The flyers inside. Magazine paper also works. Wefalck these are reversed from where I was using another method. He is correct you need to have them like this. As for the size of parts I have been able to do 1/700 scale railing for the EDMUND FITZGERALD, Flood grates on My Submodels in various scales and Awards for my German tank crews in 35 scale.
  15. There is a way anyone can make photo-etched parts. You will need cheap newspaper advertisements the kind with the plastic coating, Ferrick Chloride, thin sheet brass, enamel paint, access to a laser printer, printing paper, clothing iron, 2 Plastic tubs, gloves, eye protection, plastic apron, and a well-ventilated area. 1. Design what you need using any program you want. 2. Using the laser printer, print the design on the cheap ad paper. The toner will melt onto the plastic which is what we want. 3. Clean the brass with wet 1500 grit sandpaper. Rinse with plenty of water
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