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  1. I actually really like the nails in the trim, etc. Not something you see very often and it looks great.
  2. Really impressive. Awesome weathering techniques.
  3. Love the molding Danny... I seriously started looking up mini table saws again because of it... Oy.
  4. Mike - I had plenty of room under the seat. But I also pre-measured so that the "hatch" was a little further forward.
  5. Hey Eddie, FYI - on the wiring, I gave each lamp it's own 9-volt (so they'd have plenty of power) but then wired them in quasi-parallel to a single switch mounted under the front.
  6. Nice work on the doors Danny. The doors on the AL kit ended up being so thick that it took quite a bit of work sanding and maneuvering to fit them somewhere between being able to function, and having too much gap between the door and the door 'jam'.
  7. Hey Eddie, Welcome to the Wagon Train! Looks like we're onto a new trend here for the Sailors who hit the shore leave. Good luck with the kit! I've pointed out some challenges over in my build - my biggest advice would be to soak just about all the wood if it needs to be bent, even it just slightly. It's pretty brittle (to say the least). Also, keep an eye on inventory, not all the quantities, etc, seemed to match up and I've had to dip into my back stock for few pieces. Good luck!
  8. Hey Dan! I just noticed the build in your link. Ack! Can't believe I didn't see it. Glad to catch up though. Definitely liking the look of this kit's quality over the AL kit - that's for sure. Having fun doing something of such a different scale?
  9. Brilliant work, obviously B.E. A very richly earned Congratulations. You must be extraordinarily proud. I look forward to milking your log and the knowledge contained therein when I pull the Peg down from the shelf and get her underway. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.
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