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  1. One of the ship's sunk was the Merrimack. Except for a set of loft plans of her class ship the Wabash, I can not find much about her. How closely would the USS Kearsarge resemble the Merrimack?
  2. I am building all of the US warships sunk at Norfolk harbor in 1861. Still have the Germantown, the Merrimack, the Columbia, the Raritan, the Dolphin, and the Plymouth.
  3. Been a long time since I posted a build here. I believe I will start up again and see if I can drum up some interest. I have finished 3 of the 11 ship sunk at Norfolk harbor in 1861. The Pennsylvania, The Columbus and the United States.
  4. I made an offer to start build logs on the United States and Delaware on this site a few days ago. Seems to be no interest in them, so I will just go back to my other forums and concentrate my efforts there.
  5. Hello everyone, I am not sure why I stopped posting to this site, except I remember it was sort of difficult posting photos here, boy, not anymore! I have finished the Columbus now, And I have posted three photos of my United States build and the start of the Delaware 90 guns of 1817 I have the bulkheads cut out for the Germantown, the bulkhead patterns for the Columbia and Raritan ready to transfer to plywood. If anyone is interested I will start build logs for all of them.
  6. As much as I appreciate the "likes" i get on my posts they are just not the same a a personal "atta boy" post I can actually read and enjoy. Might as well have a robot on the other end making generic comments about my work, The whole concept of "likeing" simply escapes me.
  7. These plastic side hinge pin pieces should be the last bits to glue onto the gun doors. That is 4 each for the 32 double doors and two each for the 34 snigle doors, you do the math, I would be to intimidated if I actually knew how many it was, lol!
  8. These plastic side hinge pin pieces should be the last bits to glue onto the gun doors. That is 4 each for the 32 double doors and two each for the 34 sigle doors, you do the math, I would be to intimidated if I actually knew how many it was, lol!
  9. I have a little build station on an end table next to my couch where I sit with my leg up. I constructed all of the half doors and the hinge straps from here. I super glued all the straps to all the doors, then soldered the hinge pins to the the ends of the straps. The heat melted most of the straps off ans I had to re glue almost all of them over. I Used a fresh bottle of super glue and they do stay on better than before. The last photo shows the straps with pins soldered on, after the heat melted the glue.
  10. I will have more time to work on the ship now, I broke my ankle 3 days ago, lol. Surgery in 2 days. I chased a dog running in traffic to a house about a mile from me, I let him in the gate, he had dug a huge hole under the gate, so I put a couple head sized rocks in the hole, but, it looked like he could still get out, so I went to the front of the house and got a big 100 pound rock and as I was rounding the corner I stumbled on a drip irrigation line. I drop the rock to keep from going face first into the iron rail side fence, and, pow, landed on my ankle. I will still help dogs get home t
  11. I get more responses on my other build site than I do here, so that one gets more attention. Starting the bulkheads for my USS United States now, just working out how to cut the keel bulkhead. There will be a new site for that build, although it will not get much posting as I will only work on it occasionally until this build is done.
  12. Yeah, but, I post to another build site and the photos post much smaller, you click on them to get a larger print. On this site the "blow up" is the same size as the posted photo. Perhaps I need to reduce the pixels on this site, Just a little more work is all, lol.
  13. Some rough soldering of upper chains they need some smothing with a dremel tool and then paint. The chains need some straightening as well. Let me know your thoughts?
  14. I was looking at the top half of the chain connected to the dead eyes, and I don't think it is square stock like in the photo of the side of the Constitution's hull. I think the blue Print view shows a side on view of another link of chain, a skinny oval like on the Pennsylvania. The way it attaches to the bottom chain link and the Dead eye just does not look like it would work What do you guys think?
  15. been working on deadeyes and chain. the bones had to be cut down 3/16 of an inch and resoldered, now I need to file them smooth and paint them. 'I did a simple twist of copper wire around the deadeyes, soldered them and drilled the holes by hand. The loop chain are 1/2" long and also soldered at ends and hand drilled holes. There is one more section of chain, but, it is just square stock. I am going to cut sown stick pins for the "bolts". I am also putting the rudder on and smoothing out the copper tape where it peeld back from handling.
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