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  1. congratulations with your beautiful model. You can be proud of it! Regards, Richard
  2. Hello Patrick. Good luck with your new build! I'll follow with intrest. Regards, Richard
  3. Hello Tom. Very bad news loosing your job. Take care. Regards ,Richard
  4. Interesting build with the bulkheads and frames .Follow with interest. Richard
  5. This firm has started new .Look at google : S.T.A.B Paris.Not everything is available yet.Perhaps the Soleil plans will be obtainable again some day .Regards, Richard
  6. Hello Marc.Maybe once I'll build a S.O model myself I am in possession of plan drawings made by S.T.A.B of Paris Scale 1:88, just like Guido Vallone's model. I don't know if they are right but I could make a model of Vallone's model. Perhaps this drawings can be obtained second hand somewhere as I cannot find them on the website of S.T.A.B anymoreRegards, Richard
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