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  1. Hi Jean Paul, I used the wood provided by Marisstella (in practice only walnut strips) just as first planking for decks (for the hull I used limewood, better suitable for this task than walnut). As second planking I used wood not included in the kit (tanganika and cherry veneer). Hi Chris, this model has originally born as a single planking hull. The strips provided for this task were walnut of 4x1.5mm. As first idea I tryed to follow this single planking goal but I found it very difficult and unpractical to pursuit and very soon I changed my mind and decided for the double planking. The first plaking was done with 5x1,5mm limewodd and the second with cherry veneer 0,4mm. Considering the particular shape of this hull, specially at bow, this was a very good choice, at least for my skills and taste. I found the veneer at a wood wholesaler near the town of Pisa (Italy). It is sold as in the pictures here below as linear meters. You can easily obtain strips at your choice by using a common cutter in cojuction with a spacer and a metal ruler to cut strips at the proper height. Regarding a basic and upgraded kit from Marisstella I cannot answer 'cause I don't know, I bought the kit more than a year ago. Regards, Jack. 01 P1070686.jpg 03 P1070688.jpg
  2. . . . Continuation The starboard side where this task is practically finished. Friendliness, Jack.Aubrey. 01 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_192249.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_192333.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_192345.jpg
  3. Friday, June 14th, 2019 This week I was not very active, however I almost finished the installation of the vertical reinforcements located in the midship/poop/stern area: now only two reinforcements are missing and then I'll move on to other activities. Basically I have two choices for the near future: 1) continue the installation of the wales and vertical reinforcements from midship-to-bow, in practice an activity similar to the one performed in these days; in this way I would complete these details on the whole ship; 2) make a digression and prepare and install most of the poop/stern decorations and maybe even the railings of the two rear decks; a way to make life less boring. I have to think about it; anyway, it's a matter of next week. Sincerely, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_112006.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_112013.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_112024.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_112035.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/14062019/IMG_20190614_112058.jpg
  4. Italian Championship of static naval modeling 7, 8 and 9 June 2019 This morning I went to this exibition with a friend of mine to see the models exposed . . There were ships, sailships, dioramas, aircrafts, armoured tanks and so on. I shot many photos, mainly to ship models, and I propose them to you. Regards, Jack.
  5. Saturday, June 8th, 2019 The installation of all the wales in the stern area, including the mizzenmast channels, are the result of my work done between Friday and today. These details unlock the installation of the remaining vertical side reinforcements and other details . . . but tomorrow is Sunday and I have other programs to pursuit, and they don't include modeling. Enjoy the pictures and accept my best regards, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/08062019/IMG_20190608_170113.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/08062019/IMG_20190608_170104.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/08062019/IMG_20190608_170055.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/08062019/IMG_20190608_170044.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/08062019/IMG_20190608_170035.jpg
  6. Friday 7 June 2019 - Shipyard reopened . . . Last week I managed to finish all the many commitments related to my return to Cinisello and then, finally, last Monday I was able to reopen the Ragusian Carrack shipyard. Because of my "trip" to Tuscany, I left in January this year, this shipyard has been closed for approx. six months and I was looking forward to being able to resume activities around this model. First I spent Monday by fixing a mistake I made before closing the yard, an error related to a wrong shape of the vertical reinforcements in the poop area. This correction caused a nice amount of very fine walnut powder that gave me a hundred sneezes !! In fact, breathing this powder is like pulling a pinch of tobacco from the nose, a remedy, I don't know for what, used by our grandparents until 60/70 years ago. Then I started, on Tuesday, to do new things that you can see in the photos below: a first wale, at the moment still incomplete, and five vertical reinforcements integrated with the mainmast channel. Obviously this on both sides of the hull. Finally, today, I applied two other (still incomplete) wales from midship to the stern. The photos shown here do not contain these last details. It may seem few progresses but I can assure you that my three hours per day were full of work, without breaks or similar loss of time . . . Cheers, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/06062019/IMG_20190606_175253.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/06062019/IMG_20190606_175137.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/06062019/IMG_20190606_175102.jpg
  7. Saturday 18 May 2019 I returned from Tuscany to Cinisello a few days ago and I'am now involved in many matters raised during my absence from Cinisello. I believe as soon as possible to finally resume some real kind of dhip modeling. I am publishing the latest news about this model which, due to the various location changes, has been a little forgotten, preferring other models that luckily, were completed in a quicker time. I honestly don't know when I will resume full-time work on this model, but before I can do it, I would rather finish the Ragusian Carrack model. See you soon, Jack.Aubrey The third launch of Guadeloupe. . . there is still a lot to do. 01 IMG_20190517_114519.jpg 02 IMG_20190517_114525.jpg The other two boats are now finished, except for some small details (oars, etc.) to be nade later 03 IMG_20190517_114512.jpg 04 IMG_20190517_114504.jpg 05 IMG_20190517_114452.jpg
  8. In this book I found this matter well explained and covered. One of the main points to consider are the fleet actions vs the single ship duels: here the tactics are obviously very different . . Another matter is related to the ordnance strategic view: english approach vs french approach is very important . . . Again, the sailmanship of the different navies is important to pursuit a tactic or another: Royal Navy was always on sea, French and Spanish navies vere manily blockaded in harbours . . Don't forget the famous "Fighting instructions" set up during the anglo-netherland wars and continously updated until begin XIX century . . So, to conclude, a very interesting matter, useful to understand how the battles were managed by admirals, navies, etc. Regards, Jack.
  9. Saturday, April 20th, 2019 Tomorrow is Easter and I take the opportunity to submit to all the members of this forum my warmest Easter greetings. I also take this opportunity to inform you that today I am still "wintering" in Calci (near Pisa) but I decided, obviously together with my wife, that we will return to Cinisello (Milan) on Sunday, May 12. So, if everything goes according to our plans and no unexpected events arise, I should resume activities on this model in the second half of May. See you soon, Jack.
  10. After 2.5 years from your last sign of life, are you still on this project ? What about your current and future plans ? Sincerely, Jack.
  11. Thursday, January 10, 2019 Gentlemen, From now on the shipyard will be closed for a while. I believe to resume works next June, when I'll be back from Tuscany. Here below some new photo in daylight. Kind regards, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/29122018/IMG_20181229_141016.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/29122018/IMG_20181229_141023.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/29122018/IMG_20181229_141008_1.jpg
  12. Thursday 20 December 2018 Last updates: I finished the two hatchways by applying the missing rings, followed by a browning process, and then the permanent fixing in their position. The photo below shows these details. 01 Ragusian Carrack/20122018/IMG_20181220_143658.jpg Then I applied the gunwales in the area of the quarterdeck plus its related external border. 02 Ragusian Carrack/20122018/IMG_20181220_182825.jpg But the most important part were the works around the external vertical reinforcements, fosused now on the extreme poop area. But I am absolutely unsatisfied with the result, for two reasons: 1) The timber released for this purpose in the kit is in walnut and the chromatic effect does not satisfy me at all, too dark. A lighter wood would be better, such as beech. Unfortunately, now I have to continue with the walnut and it does not excite me, I hope that once all these elements are finished the overall situation will be better. We'll see. 2) I have mistaken the shape of these elements. But in this case I can still fix it. If I had checked the images of the finished model I probably would have avoided this error but I forgot the smartphone at home and so I could not check them before and I was wrong. We will see to remedy. 03 Ragusian Carrack/20122018/IMG_20181220_182920.jpg Complete images of the model, the negative feeling towards vertical reinforcements is confirmed: at least in these photos the walnut too dark color hides these very spectacular details. 04 Ragusian Carrack/20122018/IMG_20181220_182757.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/20122018/IMG_20181220_182807.jpg I take this opportunity to greet all the people who follow this diary and I wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019. Optimism is extremely necessary given the times. . Jack.Aubrey.
  13. Yes Yves, you are right! I'm planning to stay in Tuscany for 3/4 months and I don't think to continue modelling there. But there is a reason: me and my wife are in the process to sell a house, located in the Milan neighborough and we cannot plan when it will be really sold. In this climate of uncertainty may be I will be back most before 3/4 months. But my workshop is located in that house and will be obviously lost. And I'll need to look for another solution. So, as you can imagine, the future is not clear and I'll have a lot of other issues to follow; this is a complex matter and I don't want to bother all of you with my personal problems and plans. Surely I will try to find solutions that allow me to continue, in the meantime, with this hobby. Regards, Jack.

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