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  1. Thursday 22 August 2017 Day spent on the lathe to prepare the columns needed to install the railings between the various decks of the carrack. Next step their installation, after which this chapter will also be finished. Dimensions: those of the first picture mm. 16, the others mm. 22. Salutoni, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/22082019/IMG_20190822_172716.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/22082019/IMG_20190822_172739.jpg
  2. Other images of the model taken yesterday, today I would like to start making the railing columns described in the previous post, even if I would like to do them with a slightly different shape. First I'll do some prototypes before deciding. Salutoni, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150509.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150443.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150454.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150437.jpg
  3. Tuesday 20 August 2019 The installation of the forecastle railings is also finished . . . Now only three smaller, although complex, internal railings still remain to install. They are, positioned to protect the ends of the decks, as shown in the last two images, taken from the model plans. Their peculiarity is given by the rounded small columns to be prepared with a wood lathe, instead of the square ones. See you soon, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150523.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150315.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150332.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150345.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/20082019/IMG_20190820_150423.jpg Ragusian Carrack/Ringhiere1.jpg Ragusian Carrack/Ringhiere1.jpg
  4. Friday, August 16, 2019 - Railings of the forecastle The building the forecastle railings is still in progress. I decided to glue the two lateral railings built earlier. In order to ensure the necessary strength of the bonding, until I'll have also installed the front and the rear railing, I have glued a temporary batten that connects the two sides getting their force thanks to the gluing to the foremast stump. In due course it will be removed with a light touch or twist as the glueing has been done with a point of cyanoacrylate glue. Best regards, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/16082019/IMG_20190815_165452.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/16082019/IMG_20190815_165501.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/16082019/IMG_20190816_102348.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/16082019/IMG_20190816_102356.jpg
  5. Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 I started to build the forecastle railings . . for this task I identified the possibility to build these elements separately and assemble them on the model as final process. This fact has two great advantages: it allows greater precision in the preparation of the pieces and, last but not least, greater ease of execution. Furthermore, the experience gained up until now has played an essential role. There is still a lot to do before finishing, but it seems to be progressing very well. See you soon, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/14082019/IMG_20190814_173229.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/14082019/IMG_20190814_171334.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/14082019/IMG_20190814_171330.jpg
  6. Saturday, August 10, 2019 Additional elements again in the stern area . . It seems a small achievement but it is absolutely not true; the round decorative elements with a hole in the center were made using a lathe, starting with a rod reduced to the correct diameter, drilled in the center and so on. Nothing magic but a lot of patience. At this point the matter in the stern area is practically closed, some elements are still missing but this is certainly not the right time to install them. Now it's time to focus on the railings on the forecastle. Another challenge of patience and precision, combined with the necessary robustness. See you soon, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/10082019/IMG_20190810_111943.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/10082019/IMG_20190810_112004.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/10082019/IMG_20190810_112107.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/10082019/IMG_20190810_112114.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/10082019/IMG_20190810_112255.jpg
  7. Thursday, August 8th, 2019 At the end, after a week of work, I managed to complete the railings located in the stern area. It has been an activity that engaged me in a long planning job to obtain a result from one side enough precise and from the other adeguately strong. In particular this last point made me lose a lot of time to setup joints and pins able to ensure the required strength. In hindsight I have to say I hit the target, but anyway . . . . it was a tough and complex matter. The images below document the work done, work that further enhances the aesthetics of this model. Now still some details, always located in the stern, are missing but they are easy to implement; and then a similar task will start for the forecastle railings. . . but here, with the experience so far made, I'm no longer worried. Salutoni, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150753.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150808.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150844.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150851.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150857_1.jpg 06 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150902.jpg 07 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150923.jpg 08 Ragusian Carrack/08082019/IMG_20190808_150931.jpg
  8. Thanks Steven and Mark, I think I'll follow the basic ideas you have proposed in your posts, with some changes because I prefer to avoid painting the gunwales, leaving them as natural wood. My idea is to apply over the top gunwale a strip of veneer to hide the view of the pins. From another side I'll prefer to drill the vertical supports in order to insert a pin on both ends, using as pins some toothpicks, as I made to simulate the wood nails . . . At the right moment I'll show what I mean with proper images. Regards, Jack.
  9. Tuesday 30 July 2019 What to do next ? Apart from some secondary activities, anyway postponable, and only one as really prerequisite, from today the "focus" of the important, and no longer delayable tasks, shifts to build the railings (is it the right term?) planned both on the forecastle than on the quarterdeck. Figure 01 shows, in the area highlighted in red, this detail for the stern area. 01 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_173654.jpg As you can easily see, it is a matter of installing 9 vertical 5mm square supports with the base resting on the gunwale of the quarterdeck and the top anchored to the gunwale of the last poop deck. The whole tied and reinforced by two 2x2mm streams embedded in the vertical supports. In theory, the build of this detail is not complex, even if it requires a good amount of patience and precision, but for me, the real challenge consists in keeping an adequately strong structure, which does not risk falling apart at the first working accident. So ideas will be needed to make it as robust as I would like. Another matter, even if finalized to the same result, on the forecastle, as shown, in the same way as in figure 01, in figure 02 (side view), 03, 04 and 05 (views from other directions). For the forecastle railings, unlike the poop ones, it is possible to setup a separate assembly followed by the final fixing it only at the end. This would make work more comfortable and more precise. To the next episode, Jack. 02 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_173701.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_173732.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_173709.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_173714.jpg
  10. Sunday, July 28th, 2019 πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Let's put the model in its usual, right asset . . . . πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ 01 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_164037.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_164049.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_164107.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_164111.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/28072019/IMG_20190728_164118.jpg
  11. Saturday 27 July 2019 Session dedicated to painting, after a idle week due to many extra modeling commitments. I finished coloring the tops and colored the carrack quickwork with a black paint. The black colored area does not follow the waterline, as logic would like, but a line almost parallel to the lower wale. This is not an invention of mine but an element envisaged in this way in the project and faithfully reproduced in the photos of the finished model, images presented at the beginning of this log. For its task I used my well tested technique by using a masking tape with the application, on the protection line, of a coat of matt paint. This before applying the final black color. With this method you generally get a perfect line, and so it was. Now everything is drying upside down. . . . Goodbye, Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/27072019/IMG_20190727_160744.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/27072019/IMG_20190727_160751.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/27072019/IMG_20190727_160757.jpg
  12. Sunday, July 21st, 2019 Here are the images of the work done on the main top and the fore top. After the mounting, yesterday I proceeded to apply a coat of acrylic paint just to highlight that there is a little finishing work to do . . . I will see. However it seems to me that everything is going well. Cheers, Jack. The main top from different viewpoints . . . 01 Ragusian Carrack/20072019/IMG_20190720_171706.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/20072019/IMG_20190720_171713.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/20072019/IMG_20190720_171802.jpg And the fore top, just few smaller the the other . . . 04 Ragusian Carrack/20072019/IMG_20190720_171726.jpg
  13. Saturday 20 July 2019 In these days with the weather becoming warmer and hot, I worked around some preparatory activitoes to paint the quickwork. The varnish, according to the images of the model shown at the beginning of this log, will be black. In order to apply the black (acrylic) paint it's necessary, however, to mask the border area which must remain wood-colored. A couple of days ago I applied a coat of matt acrylic from the lower wale to the keel, to prepare with a base coat the area to be colored. Before proceeding with the masking and painting I decided to wait a few days to make sure that the initial coat of paint is well dry and perfectly anchored to the wood. So, as alternative task, I started to prepare the two platforms that are positioned almost at the top of the mainmast and foremast. The material provided by the kit, this time, proved to be really good. All the pieces are laser pre-cut and are of absolute precision. Their assembly, although to be carried out with the utmost care given the fragility of some pieces, did not create any kind of problems. The only aspect to be emphasized is that it's practically impossible, given the fragility of many pieces, to remove the burned wood. a side effect of the laser cut. For this reason the two platforms will be colored instead of left in natural wood color: their nature as pre-cut laser pieces would be too obvious and so on. My only problem (just to speak): the choice of the color. For today there are no images but they will arrive soon. Salutoni, Jack.
  14. Many thanks to all of you for the comments and the likes, Jack. Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 A little work with toothpicks to simulate wood nails on the wales and on the vertical reinforcements . . . 01 Ragusian Carrack/16072019/IMG_20190716_112035.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/16072019/IMG_20190716_112057.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/16072019/IMG_20190716_112102.jpg
  15. Monday, July 15, 2019 A couple of days ago I applied a coat of oil for wood, to nourish the wood itself and highlight its colors. So I had to wait a couple of days for the oil to be completely absorbed by the wood and leave dry the model surfaces. Now the model can be manipulated again and I am providing the tree nailing of the wales and vertical reinforcements. Below is a review of model images taken this morning in natural light. Good vision. Jack. 01 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_114850.jpg 02 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_114929.jpg 03 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_114938.jpg 04 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_114950.jpg 05 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_115007.jpg 06 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_115014.jpg 07 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_115024.jpg 08 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_115032.jpg 09 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_115055.jpg 10 Ragusian Carrack/15072019/IMG_20190715_115121.jpg

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