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  1. Thanks guys, see I feel if your going to spend months on a build the money difference really don't matter much. I have been leaning towards the OcCre anyway but was interested to see if someone knew why the big money difference. I figured it had to be better somehow. Well thanks for the input. Oh I have built a few models in the past. I think it will be nice to make a model without all the rigging. LOL. I have seen both builds on u tube and really hard to see much difference. I like the hull of the Latina better as it must be built and the OcCre looks like a solid hull. But the decking on the OcCre looks a lot nicer. Well both are very cool for sure! This time of year is sooooo boring ! I can't wait to get started. Thanks Brad
  2. brad2302

    DSC 4788 (Custom)

    which is the better kit OcCre or Latina ? Anyone the difference? Other than OcCre costing 2x as much??
  3. does anyone know which kit is the best and why ? Being the occre is 2 x the money is it better?? Or is their even another model that is even better than both of these ??? Please before I buy one .
  4. Can anyone tell me which river boat to buy I like both the occre and this one . But the occre is 2x the money any reason why???
  5. brad2302

    DSC 4765 (Custom)

    just wondering how the build went ? I heard the instructions in English are hard to follow is that true?
  6. I am new to this wood model ship building however I played with a few planke to see what I liked best. My ship is 24" long so what i did is I used a paint sitck (dark brown) first I snaded and sealed the top of the plank to stop some blead then I coated the edges all the way around two times to build up the paint. When butted together it looks great !! for bigger ships do more coats. as far as the nail holes I have played with this as well. The sides of my ship are dark so what I'm doing is drilling a very small hole then using Durams wood putty to fill the holes. Afrer sanding the holes are lighter and can be seen very well. The deck on the other hand is light so I think I will again drill the little holes and mix the Durams with a little dark brown paint instaed of water and see how that goes ?? Although the guy who said to use black fishing line may be an option ? Good Luck Brad
  7. ok I purchased the Constructo Albatross and was disapointed it was not a double plank ship. The kit is nice other than that ! So being new at this I was hoping to get some practice planking before the final planking. What I decided was to use the deck planking as the first planking. It is very thin so I don't think it will affect the model. I ordered new deck planking which is a little bit thicker and I think it will make a better deck. Also I want to apologize I see now why some would want not to add sails !! It's a lot of work to cover it up with cloth. Anyway wonder what you experanced model builders think about this double planking thing??
  8. Wow!! Thanks being new here I am surprised my question was answered so quickly !! Just don't know why someone would want to build a sail ship without sales ?? LOL .. Well I do want to thank you for your help and will go to the site recomended !! I am pertty handy as a wood worker but have never attempted to build a model ship. I'm considering the constructo ship the Albatross as a first build. Looks like a lot of pictures and instruction vedeo's that can be viewed. I think I am going to like being apart of this model building family!! I'm sure I will need further help as I go ! Thanks again Brad2302
  9. Just a simple question. Wood model ships that are shown without sails do they have sail instructions that can be added? Do they come with sails not shown? Or is it something you have to add if possible without instructions or matreial ??

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