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  1. Hi all out there cutting, chopping and glueing. I would love to say I’ve been doing the same but, I haven’t, for over 12 months she just sits there docked, longer than the ship she’s modelled from. Well I managed to get COVID 19 on 28th sept and believe me it’s not a game, I was ok for three days and managed to do some lower ratlines before realising I needed the stowed bedding behind before I block them off. The illness set in and once again I’ve stopped but I have gained some momentum to restart her soon
  2. Hi Well its 3 months into 2020, and actually my birthday today and I have'nt touched the Victory in many a month, generally ive lost the interest in it since loosing my mother inlaw who I used to joke about her housing the finised model. Also my wife, who is training to go to Jet 2 having been made redundant from Thomas cook when they went under. Normally when she is flying I do the model but otherwise my time is spent with her when she is home, Summer is a big game changer too as we want to be out there living and not cooped up in a room building. Your post have also stopped, have you chaned your buid or having a break ?
  3. Wow its been a while since I've been on this site, or even touched the ship, not since April have I picked up tools. We lost a close family member and the ship gave me great memories of her and I've found it difficult to venture in the model room let alone pick up the victory build again. As always leaving for long periods makes the restart difficult, remembering what to do, when, where and whats next. I have started on the lower ratlines and the mast supports (really needed too after sails have been fitted). There weight shows without the lines for support. Well in April 2020 she will be in her 6th year of construction, how long the real ship took. Without many breaks of course.
  4. Steve, she is a credit to you, job beautifully done and sails too, well done, Most modellers don't go for sails and say its because they hide the detail, I believe it doesn't hide any, just move your head it's all there. It is just very difficult to fit them with sails, not to mention added research and the time that and the actual making and fitting sails takes. Furled lowers show decks detail anyway. Hms Victory spent years at sea and would very rarely be seen naked. OK furled but not naked. Basically it's like building a model car and leaving off the wheels to me. It's a sailing ship at the end of the day. Most modeller fit copper plates on hull, why bother, they were hidden below the waterline on the real ship and never seen during Victory active service and they really do hide the beautiful planking work. There fitted because there supposed to be there, a bit like sails. I know its each to there own and I would like to have left the sails off knowing what I now know but it's a sailing ship. We'll now my next ship if I make a second may not have sails fitted, ha ha but mine will be nothing to do with detail lost, more the effort involved. We'll done mate in producing a beautiful model.
  5. Almost completed the bowsprit section of rigging, some ropes require the ratlines for fixtures which due to access to the masts are late to the party. Now off to the Spanker before moving centrally to the masts.
  6. Hi mate So glad you are back and able to build whats going to be a beauty, First wooden ship and you are pre thinking Fibre Optic, brave man. I have to confess I have never been on your site, Sorry, I just never seam to surf the site of other builds especially from a mobile, so I am on my laptop and thought its time to look around. (this site is humbling and makes me realize I have a lot to learn, stunning ships) I remember you were prepping for the build and whaaaaaaaaaat, prepair you sure have, love the man cave that's on another level, tool station will be borrowing your stock. Very clever approach to the stern Gallery, I had a nightmare with mine. I have tagged your build and will be getting notifications on your post to keep an eye on how she is progressing. I have just passed year five of my build, I could see without glasses when I started. keep up the good work
  7. First tensioner for bowsprit, unable to tension much as only the one side fitted Few more images, I have been fitting the blocks for the foremast, if your are to build this kit and want a more scale look you will need to pre order many blocks, all the blocks here are not part of the kit
  8. Oh I’ve just realised, I have officially passed my fifth year of this build. The real ship only took six. That said in my defence I take months off for life’s adventures and let’s be honest interest/will to venture into the build room wains and wonders from time to time. Thank you all of you that have got me this far, not only with direct help but images and chats you post on MSW. I look in awe at ship you guys create on here. Oh and thank you to the MSW guys that run this site.
  9. I have been adding more detail to the bowsprit, this means more blocks ordered for the tensioning of the lines not detailed by the kit. This means I am short, the kit just instructs we tie them off on pins. Being short of blocks is normal with the kit if we are to rig her anywhere near the real ship, not to mention those that just jump off the tweezers, never to be seen again. Only the one tensioner added as my blocks have now run outMore rigging
  10. I managed to grab a few hours on Sunday to fit few details on the bow section before I lost the ability to gain access as the rigging takes over
  11. Wow this is a memory stirrer, offer the plan upto the ship before you plank and you will find some canon portholes are lined up with the frames, I had to carve out the frames through the holes that collided in this way. I don't see the Construct changing from kit to kit so they must all do this. Maybe route through other builds and see if it's common place issue. I had to move the Canon holes slightly on the deck where they are seen from behind, they can not afford to collide with these ribs as they are visable. The image was my positions, shocked I still have this after so many years.
  12. I agree. If a Victory is on your list and you think you will reach the finish line, the JoTika one is the best. I wasn't sure I could manage this hobby so I chose a cheaper supplier of the Victory as my first ship, that said its been a great learning tool.To be honest if you put it into perspective of how long these models take to create, the JoTika version spread over several years is actually worth the money especially for what you finish with. Enjoy what ever you build, and see you in the forums
  13. Clever picture with the backdrop, very effective
  14. Well I have been adding bits and removing them, studying books and pics and then re adding them and realise there are extra blocks needed in hard to reach areas that the Constructo gang ommited when making this kit. (I often wonder if they have actually seen the ship they modelled) Some of my lines fitted are to be replaced for thicker thread, I have to put up with a lean on the upper mast due to sails unsupported weight this is because I have to ommit the back stay fitting/tension (well all stays are loose fitted) whilst they grant me access to the inner rigging areas, it's a juggle, and an unknown for me, as it is for all first timers.
  15. The centre section if far taller then the front and rear. I find info on these stowages quite illusive.
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