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  1. Hi Eamonn. I'll send you a PM with some photos when I get more organised. I've got some pear for the hull, maple for the deck and plenty of rope and blocks from Chuck so I'm looking forward to the build. Kind Regards, David
  2. Hi Eamonn; I'm pleased to see you back in your (new) shipyard. Your Ballahoo is looking mighty impressive and, as ever, your log continues to both inspire and inform. On a personal note, I've put my Sherbourne back on the shelf and have made a start on my Pickle (bulwarks completed and about to lay first plank of first planking). I haven't yet gained the confidence to open a build log! Kind Regards, David
  3. Hi Eamonn: in my last post I forgot to ask you about your simulated cranse iron, which I particularly like. Have you used black tape rather than black cardboard and was it easier to work with? I'll PM some Pickle photos when I've got something worth showing you! Kind Regards, David
  4. Excellent work Eamonn. Your Ballahoo modifications are superb. As you can see from my signature, Sherbourne is back on the shelf and I've started Pickle. All the very best. Kind Regards, David
  5. Eamonn: I've made a slow start with Sherbourne but, rather than clutter your build-log, I'll message you a photo or two in due course. I've bought some pear wood for the hull, maple for the deck, rigging rope, cannons, swivel guns, and blocks from Chuck, so I'm really looking forward to this build. All the best, David
  6. Hi Eamonn, I've not been receiving notifications so I wasn't aware that you were back in your workshop and updating your log. Your Ballahoo is looking fantastic. I agree entirely with your comments about the anchor. The more I look at my model, the more I feel the kit anchor is too big in relation to the overall size of Ballahoo. However, I'm now busy with Sherbourne, so any changes to my Ballahoo will have to wait! Take Care, Kind Regards, David
  7. Very crisp lines on your excellent paint job Eamonn. Following Jason's advice regarding your hounds, I've sent you a pm for further advice as my hounds will need the same (or more) attention/correction! Every time I see your deck and fittings I want to give them a double 'Like This'! David
  8. Having seen photo update 1 and 2, I totally agree with Eamonn in that you will have finished your Sherbourne (and probably started HMS Snake) long before we've completed our Ballahoos!! Having said that, you've inspired me to get a move on with my current build so I can start my Sherbourne before too long! Kind Regards, David
  9. When 'in the zone' you really make rapid and excellent progress Jonny. Sorry to hear you aren't able to wait for me and Eamonn to start our Sherbourne build but I'm really looking forward to watching, and learning from, your progress. All the best, David
  10. Excellent work Eamonn. I've already got your address, so fiver on it's way! You've inspired me to have another look at the positioning of my chains. David
  11. Excellent progress Eamonn and I'm looking forward to the photos. Thanks for the question about the boom support as I was about to message you about that! I also wanted to ask you about the method used to position the boom support; is it done prior to installing the mast, if so, how do you calculate the position? Having done nothing since the mast hoops and only just started the boom support I can see that I will have to get a move on if we are to start rigging about the same time! Kind Regards, David
  12. Nice bit of creative genius going on there Jonny. Your build-log has inspired me to put Convulsion on my to-do list, after the Sherbourne (and I know Eamonn's got a Convulsion sitting on his shelf so that's an added incentive for me). Keep up the good work! Kind Regards, David
  13. Hi Jonny, I've used CMB on three occasions and I haven't experienced what you have described. My only negative experience was, on the last occasion, I ordered a number of items over the phone and during the telephone call it was confirmed that all the items were in stock and a delivery date was agreed. Subsequently, however, the order didn't arrive as promised. When I phoned the order hadn't been sent because some items were out of stock (despite what was shown on the computer at the point of sale). It would have been nice to have got a phone call or email to explain that the goods were not going to arrive as promised. Other than that, I have found CMB to be extremely helpful and accurate in the items ordered/packaged. David
  14. I have to say that I'm very impressed with your Convulsion and you must be very pleased and very proud. Well done! As a total novice I'm still on with my first build (Ballahoo started March 2014) but hope to finish in a few(?) months time. I saw your comment about joining me and Eamonn (who has been a brilliant source of knowledge and support to me and my Ballahoo) on our next nautical adventure (building the Sherbourne) so welcome aboard (if that's the right expression) but I have to say that given your excellent rate of progress of Convulsion you will probably have finished your Sherbourne when I'm still on first planking!! Hope the Admiral is feeling better soon. David
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